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Haberman 360º toddler cup

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This cup helps with the progression from sucking to sipping, introducing your child to the final stages of drinking independence, so before long they’ll be drinking from a proper cup; just like mummy and daddy.
RRP £5.95 Age: 18 months + 250 ml capacityColours: blue, green, red - BPA free - Leak proof - Dishwasher safe 65⁰ top rack - Microwave safe (without lid)

£5.95 Available Mothercare, Independent Pharmacies, or click online to find local stockist

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Product Tested By Charlotte Wainright – Dougie 18 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Haberman 360 Toddler Cup 5/5

Loved the colours, looked practical, compact, and easy to use. Very good quality. I am really happy to have found a cup that does not leak!! My son found this very easy to use. He worked it very quickly. Has a very good designed drinking spout. Remains hygienic. No bits going back into the drink and cup. Dougie could not chew it either! easy for an adult to put together and take apart, not too easy for a child which is great as we have had accidents in the past where Dougie has opened up beakers etc. Very easy to keep clean. I would not mind paying a bit more to guarantee a cup not leaking and also a better follow on step to drinking out of a normal cup/glass etc. This is a very practical cup, my son likes it. We have even used it without the handles so my son has used it like a proper cup but obviously with the lid on and no spillages! Mums have seemed impressed with the cup when we have been on playdates/toddler groups. We all really like it!! Really liked the cup, so did my son so until he is able to be sensible with a "normal” cup we will continue to use this cup. Many Thanks. Charlotte Wainright – Dougie 18 Months

Product Tested By Cath Hill – Ethan & Zac 23 Months

Cath Awarded The Haberman 360 Toddler Cup 4.5/5

I like the product looks good bright colour. Its well-made and durable colours bright. Took them very short time to work out how to use on first use as used to drinking from cups with spouts. I like the fact they can drink from any side of the cup so easy for them to pick up and use. It is thin and more like a normal cup without lid. Other similar products have used have much larger spouts and not so easy as this cup. It allows them to get used to drinking from lip of cup and would help with transition to using a drinking cup without lid. The cup was easy put together and disassemble one push to take apart and pieces fit perfectly back together. Cup is much easier to put together than other cups I have used. Liked how it could be used with or without the handles on. The cup was easy to clean only down side was the clear rubber seal part was easy to misplace during cleaning due to being thin and clear but don't think you would be able to change that. It is a little expensive I’m not sure if I would want to pay that much for the cup even though I do really like the cup design. Though may have to invest in another as children do really like it. My children love the cup and do both want to use cup. May have to invest in another one. I would recommend as it is durable, a great design, an easy to use cup and good for children to learn to use a cup without a lid. Only down side is cost and the risk of losing clear seal. I have enjoyed using the cup the children have enjoyed using it too. It is a durable product and with two using the cup it has taken a lot of use and still in great condition. I like the design and ease to clean and put together. Cath Hill – Ethan & Zac 23 Months

Product Tested By Marcia Alan – Georgie 18 Months

Marcia Awarded The Haberman 360 Toddler Cup 5/5

Looked really superb quality and loved the bright colour as not easy to lose this when out and about. The quality of this cup is excellent and will last a very long time. My son adapted to this cup in not time and loved using it. Also loved the fact it did not leak. The design of this cup is superb and the drinking spout is simple and delivers good flow. Easy enough to put together and take apart. So simple to clean. Price is high but the quality is excellent and served us well. A good high quality practical cup, does not leak, ideal to use at home of when out and easy to care for. Will be purchasing more and already recommended to family and friends. A great grown up cup for my son which we will enjoy using for a long time to come. Thank you we loved it. Marcia Alan – Georgie 18 Months


BizzieBaby 2013-14 GOLD Award

Charlotte Awarded The Haberman 360 Toddler Cup 5/5

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