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Haberman 360º toddler cup

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This cup helps with the progression from sucking to sipping, introducing your child to the final stages of drinking independence, so before long they’ll be drinking from a proper cup; just like mummy and daddy. RRP £5.95Age: 18 months +250 ml capacity - Colours: blue, green, red BPA freeLeak proof Dishwasher safe 65⁰ top rack Microwave safe (without lid)

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Feeder Cups Category 

£5.95 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Emma-Louise Kirkland – Alexander 18 Months

Emma-Louise Awarded The Haberman 360º toddler cup 5/5

Nice bright colours, but my son of 18 months handed it to his6 month old sister. It was pink. Packaging ideal for the item. Instructions straight forward and easy to understand. I think itis important for toddlers to get used to using the same cups as all the family, so this cup seems to be a good in between. Also it is very useful to have a lid to keep the top clean so I really liked it. He found it easy to drink from but he also found it easy to pour the water out to make a mess. He had no problems holding it and he has only just turned 18 months. He was able to sip. I had thought he would have difficulty with it , but he had no problems. He had already been using a sipping cup. I do think that it has shown that he is almost ready to use a cup without a lid. Great to use on the go. The bright colours make it very noticeable, so you don’t leave it behind. Very easy to clean. It is very easy to assemble for use, unlike some other 360 cups I have seen. Perfectly safe. My son was not able to take it apart. We used this every second day, in rotation with other sipping cups. It is durable and well designed. Well worth the cost to have the benefit of a lid to keep the drinking surface clean. I really liked the lid. I always worry about the contamination of anything my children use. I will probably buy one for my daughter when she is older. It isdurable and very easy to use. I would recommend as easy to use. Easy to use and to clean. The easiest 360 to assemble after cleaning. Really liked this product. The cover for the top of the cup is fantastic, is easy to remove and keeps the top clean when you have to use it away from home. Emma-Louise Kirkland – Alexander 18 Months

Product Tested By Joyce Brien – Lilly 18 months

Joyce Awarded The Haberman 360º toddler cup 4.5/5

Looked good quality, nice and bright when arrived.Nicely packaged and arrived safely. Instructions very clear and precise. My granddaughter did find this easy to use.She could hold it easily enough as ideal size for little hands Lilly did have a few problems at first sipping from this cup, but once we tried a few times it was easy enough for her to use correctly. We have been using cups for a while now and feel this helps her more to get used to the time when she will be using same cups as us. Was easy enough to put together and also easy to clean. I really liked the design as very effective and leak free when we go out for our special days out together. Good quality, durable and a good design. I felt totally confident with my granddaughter using this cup. Price is similar to others on the market. We would use this at home and on our days out. I would buy another one just to have back up in case we lose this one on our excursions.I have already recommended. A good quality cup that helps children become more independent and use their own cup to drink by themselves. Joyce Brien – Lilly 18 months

Product Tested By Kate Andrews – Arabeth 20 Months

Kate Awarded The Haberman 360º toddler cup 4.6/5

currently use Nuby 360 so interested to see how this one compares, seems quiet robust. Easy to see the product inside and not to difficult to remove cup from. Clear instructions, easy to follow. Was very interested to try as I use a Nuby with my daughter but it has a tendency to leak. My daughter found this very easy to use. I took the handle off as she doesn’t use one with handles anymore.Very easy to hold and my daughter can use with and without the handles, nice tapered size cup. My daughter found it very easy to sip from this cup with both milk and water . My daughter has always used a cup like this and never had a bottle or sippy cup . very good, holds a nice amount, was robust and easy to use and clean . Very easy to keep clean. I really liked the fact you can use this with or without handle. very safe for my daughter to use. We used every day for her milk. Great quality but had some difficulty with seal as if not put together exactly right had a bump in it. Great product and comparable to others on the market, I just think their all expensive. I really liked the fact it can be used with and without handle for toddler progression without having to buy another one. I would purchase as good product. I would recommend as great transition cup and can be used with and without handle unlike others. Marked down slightly due to seal placement being tricky. Can be used with and without handle, Tapered cup good for baby to hold, Easy to take apart and clean, Sturdy base so stable. Can be difficult putting back together the seal section. Daughter really liked it and found it easy to use. Kate Andrews – Arabeth 20 Months



BizzieBaby 2018 SILVER Award

Emma-Louise Awarded The Haberman 360º toddler cup  5/5

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