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"Discovery Box is very useful to do homework research on History, Science and Nature.  A world of discovery every month featuring amazing facts, experiments and a journey through history.  Find out more about the Discovery Box magazine online
Suitable for 9-12 year olds
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Product Tested By Kerri Lunt – Acaisha 10 Years

Kerri Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4.3/5

My initial impression of this product was good. The quality is very good quality. It was bright, colourful and looked interesting to read. I liked the fact that there were no adverts as it means you are paying for a magazine that is full of what it states, not pages and pages of advertisements. My children really enjoyed reading this magazine. They found the stories an interesting read and enjoyed the activities too. This magazine is very stimulating for them. They especially liked the section on Owls. This is better than other kid’s magazines; this is educational, but is made more interesting by the comic strips. I don't think there is anything to be improved on, maybe a free gift of some sort as an incentive. My overall impression of this magazine is very good. It is ok for the money but I'm not sure I would pay the £4.25 though (as stated on the mag) per issue, unless there was a free gift. I would recommend this to others; if it was for a subject they were interested in. This magazine is bright, strong and educational, but a bit pricey in my opinion. Kerri Lunt – Acaisha 10 Years

Product Tested By Tracy Alcock – Cerys 11 Years

Tracy Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4/5

There is some interesting content especially the facts but I thought it was a bit young for my daughter. The quality of the magazine is fantastic. My daughter really liked the look of it. I really liked the fact that there were no ads in the magazine. My daughter liked the stories and the activities that were in the magazine. She enjoyed the interesting facts the most. It would be nice to have more things to actually make in the magazine. I think it is fantastic for the money. I wouldn’t buy the subscription purely because it did not have enough content for my daughter to be interested in as she prefers animal, fashion, boy bands magazines better. I would recommend it to others with younger children though. The product has some interesting information and the contents are good, if you’re interested in history/geography. This would be a great magazine for children learning about the above subject in school and would definitely be a good guide to help them. Tracy Alcock – Cerys 11 Years

Product Tested By Kelly Campbell – Albie 10 Years

Kelly Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4/5

This is a nice quality, colourful and attractive magazine. The magazine is glossy and thick. My son didn’t seem interested to begin with but once I started to read some facts to him from it, he was hooked. I like this fact that this magazine did not have any ads as with other magazines it's a constant wanting from the ads. I don't think my son noticed the missing ads; which is even better. The stories and activities are very informative but explained in a fun way. I think this magazine was stimulating for him as he was repeating some sleep facts he had learnt from one at the dinner table. When I asked him about it he replied "it was alright!” He especially liked the random facts throughout the books. I think it's a nice magazine but you would need to be interested in the topic it was on in order to get them to read it. I don’t think it could be improved in any way; I like the magazine how it is already. I liked it. My son however would not pick this up off the shelf as there are other magazines he would go for first, i.e. wrestling or football but that's just because that's his interests. It's a little bit on the pricey side but it's a good quality, well-made magazine. I wouldn’t buy him the subscription only because I don't believe my son would be interested in all the topics covered. I would recommend it to others though. It is a lovely informative magazine, giving facts and stories in a fun and jovial way; a great idea for the right child. Kelly Campbell – Albie 10 Years











Kerri Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4.3/5 

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