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The Snoob is a breastfeeding cover that outlasts your breastfeeding days. It can be worn as a scarf whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding or long after your children have grown up. One way to wear it as a scarf is to simply loop it twice around your neck.When you are ready to breastfeed unloop it once so it hangs in a long loop around your neck. It can then be used to cover you and your baby as much or as little as you choose. Can be used when tandem feeding twins. 
No need to take it off when moving baby to the other breast. No need to remove it when winding your baby.
It can double as a blanket if your baby is sleepy after feeding.   Lightweight cotton jersey so perfect for any season.  100% cotton jersey Machine washable at 30 degrees 
Do not tumble dry One size fits all Made in the UK Safety note: IT MUST NOT BE USED TO CARRY YOUR BABY         

£25.00 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Julia Cameron Pearce – Harry 6 Months

Julia Awarded The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf 5/5

I would give this product 5/5 in all areas. I have used it every day since receiving it. It is incredibly versatile I have used for feeding and it has given good coverage without looking like an obvious feeding cover. I have also worn as a scarf out and about in this horrible weather and it helps keep you warm and is a fashionable colour. I have additionally used it as a blanket when I have fed Harry and he has fallen asleep. I think this is a lovely use as it smells of mum and he settled nicely with it. It is definitely worth £25 and I have loved using it. In summary the Snoob is fashionable, versatile and practical as a feeding cover, blanket and scarf. It can be used when breast feeding and for when mothers finish feeding as a beautiful scarf. I would recommend to all breast feeding mothers. Julia Cameron Pearce – Harry 6 Months

Product Tested By Amy Burns – Emma 4 Months

Amy Awarded The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf 4.7/5

I loved this as soon as it arrived. The packaging was simple and the instructions were easy to follow. The quality of the design is fantastic. There is plenty of material to cover both you and your baby. This will definitely come in handy when baby grows and starts to wriggle about more. I am completely satisfied that I am covered up nicely. I found it very easy to put on and wear. It is very comfortable too. I used this as a scarf for me, to cover when breast feeding and also as a blanket. I think it offers excellent value for money. I have washed this plenty of times and it still looks good as new. I would consider buying this; it’s practical and comfortable to wear and as mentioned above, there is plenty of material to ensure you are covered up. I have already told friends about it and had people comment. This is a beautiful Breastfeeding Scarf that has so many uses. It will make a perfect gift too. Amy Burns – Emma 4 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Mario – Marinos 5 Months

Stephanie Awarded The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf 3.8/5

This looked quite large but I was willing to try it out. The packaging was plain and simple, nothing too flashy. The instructions were very basic, although the product is very simple to use. The feel of the scarf is nice, overall look is very plain so easy to dress clothes with, I personally think the scarf has a lot of excess material. It’s easy to put on, just wraps around twice to look like a scarf and easy enough to cover baby, I just found there to be a lot of excess material hanging as my baby is still only small. With Marinos being a smaller baby I still felt a little exposed whilst wearing the scarf to feed. At present I use this just as a scarf when out, then to feed baby. The price is ok but I have seen other items on other sites that are of the same value but come in a range of sizes. I would recommend it if it did come in other sizes. This is light weight, very easy to use, just needs a range of sizes. Stephanie Mario – Marinos 5 Months















Julia Awarded The Snoob Breastfeeding Scarf 5/5         

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