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Milkscarf by MamaMoosh

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Milkscarf - breastfeeding cover
So easy to put on you can even do it one-handed while you're still holding your baby. Made from soft, light jersey the Milkscarf has a semi-rigid neckline so you can look down and maintain eye contact with your baby as she feeds in complete privacy.     

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Product Tested By Mairi Benton – Logan 12 Weeks

Mairi Awarded The Milkscarf By MamaMoosh 5/5

What a great idea! This is a lovely discreet way to breastfeed in public or even in front of friends/family. This arrived very well packaged. Easy to understand instructions written clearly and concisely. The video on the website is short but demonstrates how to use the scarf well. The scarf is made from a lovely soft jersey material which is big enough to cover baby and hide "Mum tum”! The rigid part of the scarf is well designed making it extremely easy to convert from scarf to cover with just one hand. Why has no-one thought of this before?! The scarf was extremely easy to put on and very comfortable to wear whilst feeding my baby. I have always felt very self-conscious when breastfeeding in public but since using the scarf I feel very comfortable knowing that there is no way anyone can see anything. It has definitely increased my confidence to breastfeed in public. I just used the scarf for breastfeeding. Whilst I would fully recommend the Milkscarf, I do feel that it is quite expensive from a monetary point of view but priceless for confidence boosting. I wish this had been around years ago as I would have purchased one. I would fully recommend this Milkscarf. A great multifunctional product for breastfeeding discreetly and would recommend everyone has one. Mairi Benton – Logan 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Jasmin Solan – Anna-Lena 10 Months 

Jasmin Awarded The Milkscarf By MamaMoosh 4.2/5

It looked and felt very nice, although colour wasn’t quite what I had expected. Came in a sealed plastic bag, which was fine and does the job. Not too much packaging, which I was delighted with. Instructions very easy to follow. I like the design very much. The little peep-hole to look down at your little one could have done with being a little bigger, but its fine. This way it is more discrete. Very easy to transform from a scarf to a cover for feeding the baby. I would recommend to start using it from the beginning, as my 10 month old was more interested in pulling it off and playing with it, which was probably because she is not used to having something hanging over her whilst feeding. I think it will be great for mummies, who don’t feel very confident at feeding their babes in public, especially in the first few months. I used it mainly when I was out and about. The colour was a lot brighter than I had anticipated. I think it could do with being a little cheaper, but is value for money. Now I have used this I would consider buying it. Already have, recommended it to a couple of friends. Great product! Lovely and discrete for new mummies to use when they are out and about with their little ones and not confident with feeding their babes in public. It is lovely and soft and when wearing it, whilst not feeding then looks like a normal scarf. Jasmin Solan – Anna-Lena 10 Months

Product Tested By Sharanjit Sagoo – Mani 7 Months

Sharanjit Awarded The Milkscarf By MamaMoosh 4/5

Good quality, nice feel and promises to be useful as it doubles up as a normal scarf. Very neatly presented and held together with a high quality card insert which also had information on the product. Using it as a scarf was not explained clearly enough, but using it as a breastfeeding cover, the instruction was good. Link to the YouTube video is also given which was useful. Quality was lovely, material nice and soft with no rough edges. The plastic strap part was a bit irritating when wearing as a scarf as you can feel the rigid piece of plastic. It was easy to wear whilst breastfeeding and to see my baby just by looking down through the arch that is created when putting it around your neck. Also covers tummy and legs nicely and comfortably. It took some getting used both for myself and baby. Baby was very unsettled and unsure about it at first as it does enclose them to a point where they may be feeling too snug and under cover. Otherwise it draped nicely and feeding definitely felt more discreet. It worked well as a regular scarf although the plastic neck part could be felt, and also as a light covering for sleeping baby in the car. I would say it’s a bit pricey for what is essentially a piece of cloth with a flexible plastic strip sewn in. If I was feeding in public it would be useful and I would consider buying it, however I have not breastfed in public. I would recommend if they’re breastfeeding in public or want something discreet to cover themselves with. Works well if baby can get used to it, sits comfortably around the neck, and is okay for using as a scarf or light blanket. This was a nice product to try, it has many uses and I like the versatility. Sharanjit Sagoo – Mani 7 Months













Mairi Awarded The Milkscarf By MamaMoosh 5/5   

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