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Haberman Suckle Feeder

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Now your baby can suckle actively just like natural feeding and won’t have to learn a different way to feed!The Haberman Suckle Feeder is designed for paced feeding, to complement breastfeeding and to provide a better alternative for those who bottle-feed.  The Suckle Feeder is recommended by lactation consultants as it:Encourages and prolongs breastfeeding. Supports responsive, baby-led feeding and natural pausing. Reduces gas, colic and reflux. Eliminates guzzling and overfeeding for better weight control. Encourages active peristaltic suckling action, to stimulate the respiratory system, increase oxygen supply and help develop the oral cavity for better speech development. Enables nutritive and non-nutritive suckling. Makes feeding in an upright position possible. Suckle Feeding = Paced Feeding

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Product Tested By Abby Cope – Hudson 4 Months

Abby Awarded The Haberman Suckle Feeder 4/5

Very high quality. The packaging looks quality, well-made and a high-end product. Very sturdy and strong material which says straight away that it will be a high quality product. Eye-catching, professional and good pictures and info on the packaging. The instructions were very easy to read and understand with great diagrams/pictures to make it really easy to see what you should be doing and how to use it. I think it’s a great concept for those mums who are breastfeeding but want to have a break/let someone else feed the baby etc. or if you just want to start introducing a bottle. Anti-colic is great as well and can see that being very popular for mums and that can be quite a big issue. It was easy to use, as helped by having great instructions but was quite self-explanatory as well. It is a great shape to hold and very easy and comfortable to use while feeding baby. My baby didn't hold the bottle as still quite young, so can't answer the question.I think it works great along with breastfeeding and baby didn’t have any problems switching between the two so I would say it was a perfect combination. It didn't take him long at all. But I think that is because it is so well designed. We had no problems. I hadn't actually seen a bottle like this before and because it is very much like breast-feeding; it is perfect for the mums that want to combi-feed. It is a very clever design! My partner did use this and had no problems! Which is great - thank you! The teat wasn't too big so perfect for newborns and it feels such high quality that I felt completely safe giving it to a baby. The only thing I would say is it has a couple more components than a 'normal' bottle so takes up more room and the filter bit is quite delicate. But not really a major problem! I used it every couple of days, as only had 1 so by the time I had cleaned and sterilised etc.It definitely feels like a more high-end baby product and is good for the price! I think it is good value, compared to what else is out there on the market. For example, Tommee Tippee does anti-colic bottles which are far more expensive than this. I think it's a great product, well designed, high quality and the price reflects that. I love that it offers a great solution for those mums who want to combi feed but want to keep as natural to breastfeeding as possible. I don't think there is another bottle out there like it! I would buy this product. It would be good to be able to buy in a pack of 3/4 etc. and not just individually so you have enough to use every day without having to clean each time you feed.I would certainly recommend, especially if a mum was struggling with just breast-feeding or their baby weren't taking a bottle etc. I would recommend that they try this product! This is a great product, very high-quality, great packaging and price and does the job well that it needs too. I think the only thing stopping making it a 5 is the extra components making up the bottle so more to clean - but I do understand that you need them for such a good design of a bottle. Very well made bottle, and it makes feeding easier which surely every mum would want/need! It's great to have a product on the market that is a bottle but also still supports breast-feeding. I love the packaging, makes you feel like you are buying a high-end product for a good price and makes you feel like you are do something good for your baby. And I had no guilt as well using it! I love that it is anti-colic, anti-reflux and anti-obesity as it's great to have a product on the market that wants to help with those issues. Abby Cope – Hudson 4 Months

Product Tested By Claire Styles – Daughter 4.5 Months

Claire Awarded The Haberman Suckle Feeder 5/5

Looked like a good quality item. Arrived safe and sound and very well packaged. The instructions were very detailed and well done; it was easy once following the instructions. It works perfectly and really does do as it says if following the instructions. At first it seems quite a complicated concept but to get the simulation of breastfeeding from a bottle then it is but this worked for my little girl which other bottles haven’t. Once I read the instructions I did find this easy to use. This was also very easy to hold while feeding baby. My little girls is 4.5 months old and not really able to hold this bottle yet. She has been exclusively breastfed and we used this with expressed milk by myself and my husband, she took to it straight away without any issues and then went back to the breast without any issues too. She fed from this bottle immediately without any issues. I like to keep my baby breastfed only but this bottle is brilliant if you have any reason to not be able to feed such as I have had like a dentist appointment which meant my husband could feed my little girl. We have tried another brand of bottle before but she didn’t take to it so I think the fact it works like a nipple, really does make a big difference. My partner did use it a few times and he had no problems once he read the instructions on how to use it. I do agree this is definitely safe enough to use on newborns. We cleaned the individual parts and sterilised them without any issues. I used it a couple of times, my husband four times and my grandma used it with her. Very good quality well made. I was very surprised by the price. I would have definitely been happy to pay more than the retail price, brilliant value for money. I love the way it was so close to feeding a baby like a real nipple. This means mums who want to continue for their baby to have breast milk can without them changing get their feeding technique with other bottles.I would buy this and I know many friends would love this product. I would recommend this bottle. You always hear of mums trying to find bottles for breastfed babies but struggle to get a baby to accept a normal bottle. Brilliant product which really does work and puts mums mind at ease that their baby will happily take to a bottle when they are unable to feed themselves. Claire Styles – Daughter 4.5 Months

Product Tested By Marianne Storey – Annabelle 6 Weeks

Marianne Awarded The Haberman Suckle Feeder 3/5

Very positive impression of the product, aesthetically pleasing and great concept, not something I've heard of/seen before in a bottle.The packaging and branding is spot on. It is unique and stylish. Brilliant that the packaging is recyclable too. The instructions were complex for tired parents. We read them a few times before using the product and needed to keep referring back to them whilst using the product each too. The assembly of the suckle feeder was tricky and we struggled with this. It says in the instructions that you should hear a click when you put the collar over the teat when you push down. We didn't hear a click and actually thought the bottle we were testing was broken as we couldn't get the filter to stay in the collar/teat after pushing it down. We did eventually but it took 2 of us and we ended up having to re-sterilise the mechanism more than once.I like the concept, it sounds perfect. We didn't find the product easy to use and we ended up having to re-sterilise the parts a few times as we struggled to get the filter to stay in the collar. We found it tricky to assemble, even more so with a crying, hungry baby and had to keepreferring back to the instructions. It was easy to hold for me when trying to feed. My baby is only 6 weeks old so she wasn't able to hold the bottle. In theory it is ideal to work with you breastfeeding, but unfortunately in practice it wasn't as my baby wouldn't take the teat.Unfortunately, my baby didn't take to this bottle or feed from it at all. This is despite a number of attempts from myself and my husband. I do like the fact this feeds from the teat and not the bottle, it sounds a lot more natural for the baby to feed from. My partner tried to use this number of times too but with no success as out baby would not take to this bottle. It was safe enough to use on a newborn. It didn't have any loose parts etc. and the instructions state that the baby can control the flow of milk. The filter was tricky to clean before going in the steriliser and it felt very delicate. We used this about 10 times in total. We tried the bottle at different times of the day, when my baby was at different levels of hungriness and alternated myself and my husband using it.The filter felt very flimsy but the other parts of the bottle felt like good quality. I don't think the bottle offers value for money, especially the price for one unit; given the competition and that not all babies may take to it. If the filter was sturdier and didn't seem so fragile when in place, it may feel like better value for money. I liked the packaging and branding the most. The bottle too looked great and stylish. It was comfortable in my hand to try to feed with.I personally would not buy this. I just felt the filter part was not that well-made and it was far too fiddly to put together with a crying baby. Also, as my baby didn't accept the teat, it's not worth me buying it. The concept is great in theory, but the bottle not easy to assemble. The part that makes it different to other bottles is the filter and this didn't seem as well made as the rest of the bottle or secure when in place. Although it is supposed to be good for a newborn as they don't have to learn a new skill, the teat still needs to be accepted by the baby in other to use the bottle properly. I was disappointed that my baby wouldn't accept this bottle at all, so therefore I couldn't review the product fully and see whether it did actually make a difference in terms of the wind my baby has (it claims to filter out bubbles and air) so could have helped with Colic and wind issues. The material of the teat in itself and shape etc. are very important so maybe this was a factor in her not accepting the bottle. The concept is great as my midwife advised that breastfeeding mums shouldn't express and introduce a bottle until after 6 weeks so that breastfeeding is established, so if it replicated breastfeeding and didn't interfere with it (I know the flow of milk for some babies on bottles is easier than getting milk from breastfeeding so makes them refuse the breast) I could see it being a brilliant product if accepted by your baby. The design again was just too complicated with the filter to assemble in a rush as a busy mum of 2. Marianne Storey – Annabelle 6 Weeks


Abby Awarded The Haberman Suckle Feeder 4/5

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