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Xpanda Bra

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Xpanda Bra Maternity and Nursing Bras
Adjustable maternity & nursing bra
The latest innovation all-in-one maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes that adapts to fluctuations in your breast size saving repeated fittings whilst providing ultimate comfort and support for mum throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Features of Xpanda Bra include:
Adjustable cotton cups, for growth or providing extra space for breast shells or pads.Each individual cup, when adjusted lets you know which breast you have fed from.2 layer 100% soft cotton cups, maintain perfect support and comfort which is breathable, reducing  the risk of mastitis.Extra rear hook and eyes allow full adjustment for changes in body size.
Available in black with coral pink bow and trim, white with turquoise bow and trim and all nude/beige colour
Size : 32b,c,d,dd,e,f,ff,g,gg, 34b,c,d,dd,e,f,ff,g,gg, 36b,c,d,dd,e,f,ff,g,gg, 38b,c,d,dd,e,f,ff,g,gg, 40b,c,d,dd,e,f,ff,g,gg,

Bizziebaby Silver award winner 2013 Bronze 2016 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017

£28.99 JoJo Maman Bebe, bey-bee , S.D kells , Menarys , Goods Department Store or click onto to find local stocikst

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Product Tested By Gill Perkins – Tiberius & Cody 3.5 Months

Gill Awarded The Xpanda Bra 5/5

I love this bra – it is clearly very good quality and an excellent fit and very good idea how it expands as you grow – this is something which I haven’t ever seen in other bras and is genuinely something which is very useful during pregnancy and breastfeeding alike. Packaging cheap and cheerful – has all the details required. Love the style and the colour of the bra – I have now stopped breastfeeding but am going to continue to wear it as I like it so much. The opening of this bra is very easy to use – very logically put together. This is so comfortable to wear. Does make breastfeeding easier as has easy access for feeding. This does not look like a nursing bra and this is what I like so much about it – it’s so nice to have a maternity/nursing bra which is comfortable and beautiful too and really does not feel frumpy at all like so many of them do. I will definitely continue to wear this bra and certainly recommend. Very happy with this bra, its design and it’s function. Gill Perkins – Tiberius & Cody 3.5 Months

Product Tested By Louisa Snell – Imogen 2 Months

Louisa Awarded The Xpanda Bra 5/5

I really liked the look of this bra. Packaging basic but I was more concerned about how well this worked and how comfortable it is to wear. I really Loved the fact this bra actually increases in size which is ideal during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. What a great idea. So easy to use as the fastenings and quick and easy to open and close. Most definitely helped make breastfeeding so much easier. I cannot tell you just how comfortable this is to wear. Fits like a glove and I love it. Looks a nice looking bra not too fancy but no does not look like a nursing bra in my opinion. I will carry on using this bra as just so easy to use. Makes life that little bit easier. I would certainly buy more for my next child. I have already been recommending to lots of breastfeeding mums. I have had a few bras during pregnancy and after birth and this one has been the best. Just Loved it. Thank you Louisa Snell – Imogen 2 Months

Product Tested By Louise Carder – Lennox – Olivia 2 Months

Louise Awarded The Xpanda Bra 3.7/5

Packaging looked a little cheap; product isn't the best looking I've seen. Style is okay, nothing overly special but it looks good enough to wear. Very easy to open and close. Requires minimal effort to unzip the sides. Bra is very comfortable. This has made breastfeeding so much easier. Having the easy access via the sides made it a lot easier to breast feed comfortably. I do think this looks like a nursing bra. I will continue to use this bra and I would recommend. Product serves its purpose well. However could do with coming in better packaging and looking slightly better. Easy to use product that does what it says on the tin. Louise Carder – Lennox – Olivia 2 Months



BizzieBaby 2017 SILVER Award Gill Awarded The Xpanda Bra 5/5

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