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We are two mums who after trying everything we could think of to keep our babies chests dry and dribble free (and failing miserably!), made it our mission to find a solution to the many problems dribbling can bring. Something to help keep baby's chest dry and healthy, without the safety issues that wearing a bib can bring. Something discreet, tugproof and most importantly, safe - even at sleeptimes! A solution that would make the lives of todays busy mum just that little bit easier!  
The 'Dribble Stop Top' is a brand new, innovative product. It looks like a regular baby top, however, a breathable waterproof pocket is hidden inside, which helps keep baby's chest dry and dribble free throughout the day.
Sizes Available are 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months,  6-9 Months, 9-12 Months, 12-18 Months & 18-24 Months 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 201/13, Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2013/14, Bizziebaby Silver award winners 2014/15 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2016 AND  Silver Award Winners 2017 


£13.99 for pack 2 Available to purchase, Amazon, Little Cassa, Maison Bebe & Direct2Mum

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Product Tested By Jillian Sweetman – Isla 6 Months

Jillian Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 5/5

These looked easy to put on and nice quality. The size fitted by daughter perfectly and she still had room to grow. This is lovely and soft, looked so cosy on and certainly very practical. Superb quality. The size and fit were ideal and certainly delivered good coverage and protected her skin. The absorbency of this material is fantastic. Kept her skin lovely and dry which was brilliant. The pack size is ideal as young babies are growing at an outstanding rate so you are always looking for the next size up. Pack 2 ideal for our needs and as she grows we will purchase larger size. You just pop these in the washing machine and come out as good as new each time. For what the top delivers certainly good value for money. We will continue to use. I have already recommended as it does the job so well and looks cute. These are a great idea, lovely top, keep baby dry and comfy for baby to wear. A winner in our household. Jillian Sweetman – Isla 6 Months

Product Tested By Zara Cowper – Claire 7 Months

Zara Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 4.6/5

Arrived well packaged and looked soft and high quality. The size we ordered was a nice fit but will be snug in a little while as she is growing at such a rate. In future I would order larger size than required. Then again all babies are different shapes and sizes. I loved the fact this top had a waterproof pocket inside which stopped all my daughters dribble going through onto her skin and causing a rash. This is so practical and ideal for day and night use. Fit ideal, gave good coverage and kept my daughter’s skin dry. The material and design is good and the top offers great absorbency. The pack size is good as any larger if your child grows out of them quickly you have wasted money on extra tops. This is very easy to wash, comes out ideal every time and washed on low quick wash. I think the price is a bit high as just a few basic designs. If they offered in a wider variety of colours then yes good value for money as you would have more designs to choose from. We will continue to use for as long as it fits Claire as works so well. I have already been recommending these to friends and family they are brilliant way to catch all that dribble. Easy to care for, easy to put on, look comfy and work well. Zara Cowper – Claire 7 Months

Product Tested By Christy Rowell – Oscar 9 Months

Christy Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 4.1/5

Great idea as dribble rash has been a problem for us. They look like good quality baby grows. I ordered 9-12 months when my baby was around 7 months and it was good fit then. Now he is 9 months this is getting quite tight around the nappy area so definitely won't fit up until 12 months. (He doesn't usually have to go up a size). Good quality fabric washes well. The tops are still in great condition after weeks of non-stop washing. The bib area gives good coverage going downwards however I found the neckline went down too low and the dribble still ended up all over the neck and top of chest. They are advertised as an alternative to bibs but I still had to use a bib over the top. Very absorbent. Chest was still dry underneath the bib top. Only the top of chest was wet. It left my son’s skin lovely and dry underneath the top. Pack size 2 OK but I would prefer to have a pack of 3 which would be much better for the price. So easy to care for. These are good value for money. I would only buy them again if they were in brighter colours and long sleeves but I will certainly continue to use the ones I have until they no longer fit. I like the idea of these tops but I wasn't really wowed by them. If they were intended to be used under a bib I might have liked them more but they are advertised to be instead and I don't think they are good enough for this. Having said that they make an excellent addition to wearing a dribble bib as they catch all the bits that soak through the bib. They are also very boring design/colours. I often used the vest as his only layer rather than underneath a top so it would be nice if the tops came in some funky designs or colours. You can get some beautiful baby clothes nowadays so I would probably walk straight past these in a shop and go for the funky coloured bibs instead. Christy Rowell – Oscar 9 Months






BizzieBaby 2017 SILVER Award Jillian Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 5/5                                                                                                                                             

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