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Loveyush Nursing Scarf

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Loveyush Scarf provides a Practical solution for discreet breastfeeding. It’s simple yet clever design makes it easy to wear, even with one hand. Provides full coverage for a complete discreet feeding, has just enough neck line so mother can see the baby and maintain valuable eye contact. When not nursing, it turns into a stylish scarf or a sunshade for a car-seat or a pram.
Loveyush Scarf is so versatile, can be styled in many ways. The trendy design gives an elegant touch to any outfit. Our prints are made in limited editions to give uniqueness. Watch our video to discover different ways of wearing Loveyush Scarf.  

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Product Tested By Katie Gerrard - Iestyn 1 Year and Astrid 5 Years
Katie Awarded The Loveyush Nursing Scarf 4.7/5 

The packaging is lovely, and singles it out to be a more luxury product. The colour I chose was a natural dyed blue which is stunning and it is obvious that this product is good quality. It was stunningly packaged, although once out of the box the box is a little small which means that you can't then put it back in. Because this is a travel product i.e. you use it out and about, and is good quality, I would like something that I could keep it in whilst it is kicking around in the bottom of my bag. It was really easy to put on and off although the weather is such that I didn't feel right wearing it apart from breastfeeding. The quality is amazing and the material is really light so didn't overheat myself or my baby. It was very easy to put on whilst feeding my baby, although I never tried to put it on whilst my son was breastfeeding, simply before he started. My son is now 11 months so we are at the end of breastfeeding and he is rather big for moving around rather than a tiny baby. I felt both comfortable and confident when wearing this scarf; it is light enough to not overheat him or to make it difficult. There was enough material around the neckline too so that it stayed covered whilst he was pulling on it. This offers excellent value for money. I would buy this; I have a friend who is having a baby in six months' time and I know that she will love one of these. I would highly recommend it; it makes a lovely present, especially for new mums. It is beautiful and light but also really practical. Katie Gerrard - Iestyn 1 Year and Astrid 5 Years

Product Tested By Samantha Baddams – Jake 15 Weeks

Samantha Awarded The Loveyush Nursing Scarf 4.5/5

This is very pretty and lightweight. The packaging was lovely. I only used this for breastfeeding. It took a little getting used to at first. The quality and design are both excellent. It was very easy to put ona nd wear whilst feeding my baby. I was really comfortable and confident when wearing it; it hid parts I didn't want showing really well. I think it offers excellent value for money. This would be great as a gift but in fairness I could discreetly feed just as well with a blanket. I would recommend it to family and friends as I feel it does what it's meant to and is pretty and reasonably priced. This scarf was easy to use and helped me discreetly feed my baby. Samantha Baddams – Jake 15 Weeks

Product Tested By Karen Butler – Lilly 10 Months

Karen Awarded The Loveyush Nursing Scarf 5/5

My initial impression of this product was very good. It arrived in a very nice box which makes it feel and look very special. The scarf is then placed inside its own bag inside of the box; very well packaged and presented well. The initial box is very sturdy and looks lovely. The bag which holds the scarf inside makes it feel like you are opening a present. The packaging makes it feel very special. The scarf can be used to protect your modesty whilst feeding your baby. I also used the scarf as a sunshade over my travel car seat. It fits so well over the seat. It is so easy to use for all of the different purposes. The scarf is gorgeous. It is high quality material and feels so soft. It is very light and easily fitted in to a bag or even pocket to take out with you. It is very easy to get out and use in public. I found that I could put on the scarf and feed my little girl without anyone really noticing what I was doing. The scarf is so easy to put on. I managed to put on the scarf and feed my baby in public without anyone even noticing what I was up to. Even in the hot weather the scarf is light and cool to wear. I wish I had had this scarf since day one. I found it so difficult when my baby was new born, trying to master breastfeeding and ensuring I didn't show myself to anyone passing by. This scarf would have made life so much easier back then. I would definitely recommend to new mums. I used this as a scarf for breastfeeding and also as a sunshade. I can see myself using it even after breastfeeding, just as a fashion accessory. Being on limited money whilst on maternity leave from work, I may have questioned the price (for my budget), however now I have used the scarf, I feel quite strongly that any mother new to breastfeeding should have one of these. This would provide confidence to feed baby in public, something I could have done with ten month ago. If there is a baby number two, I would definitely purchase a scarf for that. I highly recommend it. This scarf is a fantastic product for breastfeeding mothers; it provides a very easy solution to breastfeeding in public and is stylish too. Karen Butler – Lilly 10 Months







BizzieBaby 2012-13 SILVER Award Katie Awarded The Loveyush Nursing Scarf 4.7/5      

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