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Bird Cup

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Featuring our fully integrated leak-proof valve, they provide all the thrills with none of the spills.Add this to the eye-catching bird shape in three contemporary colours – pink, green and blue - and you have the ultimate must-have weaning product.
RRP £4.95 - 6 months +250 ml capacity
BPA free Leak proof Dishwasher safe 65⁰ top rack Microwave safe (without lid)

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2017 

£5.49 Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Sarah Carter – Poppy 10 Months

Sarah Awarded The Bird Cup 5/5

I absolutely love the Bird Cup, it’s veryeasy to assemble, and Poppy finds it easy to use, It’s stylish, appealing colour, safe, easy clean, sturdy, non-drip which is always a bonus. I think it’s great and would highly recommend it. The quality of the beaker is very good, it looks quite expensive and that it's been made very well, it feels very safe and it feel like good materials used to make the cup. The cup was very easy to use, my daughter is only 10 months, so it took her a few attempts to figure out how to suck out the juice as she has been used to a free flowing cup, but as soon as she got the grasp, she managed it fine and the cup is easy to use, easy to hold due to the handles on each side. I am impressed with this design. The spout is unique but once a child figure out how to use it, it’s great and the fact it does not spill is wonderful as children do spill juice quite often.The design of the spout is safe and flows well once a child gets used to it. I found it took seconds to assemble and the same to dissemble; it didn't struggle to get the lid off like I have had to with some other cups I have used. The beaker is very easy to clean, either in some hot water to rinse through or in the dishwasher it comes out perfect, it's good it can be put into a dishwasher and doesn't melt, keeping the cup clean is important for my baby to avoid any tummy upsets. It has a lot of benefits, the non-spill spout, two easy to hold handles, which makes it easy for babies and children to use.It's tilted in a way that it won't fall over which is a great design, very well thought of.It is easy to grip, its very leak proof, so if it goes into a bag it won’t leak all over everything else.It comes in two fab colours and it's an all-round good cup. Also the fact it can be used in the dishwasher and microwave is an added bonus. I would say it is value for money but some parents might find the price of the cup to be expensive as there are so many cups on the market right now, they may decide to choose a cheaper cup. I certainly will continue to use the cup, my daughter has now gotten used to using it and she loves it. Much better than out previous cup which leaked and the flow was far too fast. I would and already have recommended it to people I know with babies, as they have come up to me and told they like the bird cup, so I told them about it and a few mom's I know are looking into purchasing one. So it is highly recommended. Overall I am very happy with the Bird Cup, it deserves 5 out of 5 for all its added benefits, my daughter loves it and we are so grateful for having this opportunity to try it out. The best juice cup I have used, I have 4 children and always bought different brands of cups,but none have been as good as the Bird Cup, it deserves a 5/5 without a doubt. Sarah Carter – Poppy 10 Months

Product Tested By Thais Ortiz – Calista 10 Months

Thais Awarded The Bird Cup 4.2/5

Looks stylish and fun. Very good quality, smooth ages and doesn’t look fragile. I tried it myself and couldn’t work it out, re-read the instructions then decided to ask my toddler who worked it out straight away. Then I gave it to my baby who’s never had a bottle or a beaker and it took a few attempts but she finally got it. The drinking spout looks ergonomic, nice and soft. Very easy to assemble, and I like that no matter how you do it, it always ends with the handles in the right place! This is fairly easy to clean. Non spill although it leaks a bit sometimes like most non spill cups. I will continue to use this cup. I would recommend. Stylish, good quality, fun and easy to use beaker for babies and toddlers. Thais Ortiz – Calista 10 Months

Product Tested By Ash Lan – Dini 6 Months

Ash Awarded The Bird Cup 4/5

Looks very attractive. Good size. Nicely made good quality product- attractive to baby. Easy to hold. Unfortunately 6 month old baby struggled to suck from spout. Very easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Used in dishwasher, came out fine. Non spill and leak proof. Well made. Competitively priced. Will keep persevering as I’m sure daughter will get the hang of it. Well designed. Friend’s baby tried it and managed to drink- was older though. Well made, unfortunately my daughter struggles with this type of cup. Ash Lan – Dini 6 Months













BizzieBaby 2017 BRONZE Award

Sarah Awarded The Bird Cup 5/5

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