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Miracle Bump Creme

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The most Natural and Nourishing cream to help Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Pamper your skin with the Luxurious rich, thick and velvety texture of Miracle Bump. Packed with powerful vitamins and deep penetrating healing properties.  
99% Natural for Sensitive Skin - Made withOrganic Ingredients - No Added Water -No AddedPreservatives 
No Added Colouring  - Over 50% Raw andPure Shea Butter - Natural SPF for Extra Protection - from £50
Available in 2 sizes 200m or 500ml

£50 for 200ml & £90 for 500ml Available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Laura Lawton

Laura Awarded The Miracle Bump Luxury Stretch Mark Prevention Crème 4.9/5

The smell was lovely and the texture was different to any others I have tried on the market. The cream is easy to apply to my skin. You just let the heat of your palms melt the crème and rub it into your skin. My skin just soaked it up and there was no greasiness. I really liked the smell; it smelt like white chocolate ice cream. I had no skin irritation whilst using this cream. I used this twice daily; after my morning shower and evening bath to de hydrate my skin. My skin felt hydrated and moist after use. I feel this helped my skin keep its hydration and therefore helped keep my skins natural elasticity to prevent stretch marks. The quality is fantastic. As long as I could try the product once before then I would buy this product however if I wasn't able to try it I would have to think about the hefty price tag.  Now that I have tried it and I become pregnant again this will be on my-to-buy list definitely. I have already recommended this to my pregnant friends. I really can't fault this product. It's been a wonderful hydrating, pleasurable experience. Laura Lawton


Product Tested By Aimee Mosley

Aimee Awarded The Miracle Bump Luxury Stretch Mark Prevention Crème 4.7/5

My initial impression of this product was luxurious packaging and the cream had a nice aroma. The spatula provided was good although I feel the product could be smoother. The cream absorbed well however, it did leave the skin feeling very oily. The fragrance was lovely; very fresh luxurious smell.  It didn't cause any irritation or allergic reaction. I used it twice a day, morning and night and it made my skin feel very smooth. I am now 24 weeks pregnant at the minute and plan to keep using it. I have no stretch marks as of yet. It is really good quality. It offers excellent value for money as only a small amount of cream is needed for each application. I would consider buying this again. I am on a pregnancy forum and have already recommended the product to the 150 ladies on the site. If it left my skin less oily I would give the product full marks. It is a luxurious product which made the dull task of applying stretch mark cream an enjoyable task. Aimee Mosley


Product Tested By Sally Phillips

Sally Awarded The Miracle Bump Luxury Stretch Mark Prevention Crème 3/5

This was very greasy on my skin and took about 2 minutes to soak in. I didn't really notice a smell to it. I did have an itchy feeling when using it but to be fair this could have been caused by my skin stretching. I used it twice per day as instructed but then stopped after about 4 days due to the itching. I do think it is quite expensive for a mum or mum to be. I don't think I would consider buying it again due to it not being suitable for my skin.  Might be ideal for others but just did not agree with my skin.  A lovel creme but it was quite greasy on my skin and took a while to absorb.  Sally Phillips


Laura Awarded The Miracle Bump Luxury Stretch Mark Prevention Crème 4.9/5

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