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Angelcare AC1120 Digital Video & Sound Monitor

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We fully understand that parents would like to see and hear their baby every minute of every day. Therefore we have put all our knowledge and experience into the development of the new digital Angelcare AC1120 video and sound baby monitor. This unique 2-in-1 baby monitor not only shows you HQ video of your baby (day and night), but also provides excellent digital sound quality with optimal privacy. It also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit with touchscreen technology, just like your smartphone. In fact, this monitor has all the functions you will ever need.All Angelcare Baby Monitors sold through our websites or through any of our trade partners/retailers (like Amazon, Mothercare, Boots, etc) are models specifically designed and developed for the UK and Ireland. These baby monitors should NOT be exported to, or used in other countries than the UK and/or Ireland (except for holidays). If exported, used or sold to another country this will invalidate the 1 year manufacturer's warranty and no after sales service can be provided.

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Product Tested By Julie Golding – Eliza 3 Months

Julie Awarded The Angelcare AC1120 Video & Sound Baby Monitor 5/5

An excellent product that feels very robust and of very good quality. This is an attractive and compact product that has received many compliments from others on its appearance and functionality. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I managed to set it up in around 10 minutes. Both units can be plugged into the mains or operate by battery if there is a power failure. I find the parent unit very portable but the battery needs charging after around 6 hours. This is a lightweight product that packs away into a compact box and I wouldn't hesitate to take it away with me. It would be very easy to set up in a different location. Very confident,  every littl enoise is picked up and I feel very safe being in another room/downstairs and knowing exactly what is going on in the baby's room. I can hear my baby very clearly via the monitor. The visual picture is of an amazing quality -I was very surprised that it is this good during the day and at night. It definitely gives the extra reassurance and enables you to see what the baby is doing without entering the room and disturbing the baby. The monitor has some great features including a night light, camera zoom and rotate and an alarm. My favourite feature is the temperature control which enables me to set an alarm and be alerted if the temperature rises or drops below a certain point. I have taken the parent unit in all the rooms in the house and out into the garden and the sound and picture quality are excellent throughout. The touch screen facility is very easy - I did need to refer to the instruction manual for the first few times when using a function but once I had done that itwas very easy to remember what to do. I feel that it has some very good functions that other baby monitors lack (i.e.temperature alert) and there is nothing that I would change. I will continue to use this on a daily basis until we no longer need to use it.- Someof our friends are very envious of this product and are considering getting one themselves! I'm giving this product 5 out of 5 because I think it is anexcellent product but I do think perhaps the price is a little bit too high. I think somewhere around £130 would be more acceptable. If I had not tested this monitor and was looking for a video monitor I would probably look for something a bit cheaper. I have been very impressed with the product and feel I can put my total trust in it to do exactly what it is designed to do, leaving me with total peace of mind. Julie Golding – Eliza 3 Months


Product Tested By Laura Arthur – Calvin 8 Months

Laura Awarded The Angelcare AC1120 Video & Sound Baby Monitor 5/5

Looked great small and compacted. Great quality picture and sound quality was excellent. Really easy and straight forward to set up took less than 5 mins fromstart to finish. This is both batteries and mains operated. However I did tendto find the batteries didn't last very long after being fully charged. It's really small and easy to move around. I take it into the kitchen when the wee one is sleeping. Unlike other monitors we have used the picture quality and sound is not interfered with when moving around the house. I love the monitor for this fact. We've taken it on holiday and to grandparent's houses. Both the parent unit and the monitor are small and easy to take with you. My baby has breathing problems and coughs a lot when lying down. The monitor has given me reassurance and picks up on the sounds he is making. This has made the move into his own room a lot easier. I can always hear my baby clearly using th emonitor. We can see my son clearly day and night there is no issue with the picture its great how it has the facility of day and night. Without a doubt being able to see our son is a great part of the product. Definitely given us reassurance and able to see Calvin is safe and sleeping. Temperature feature is great my baby over heats and it is great to know the temperature and wrap him up accordingly. Had no issues regarding hearing our son in the house or when we have used it elsewhere. Would love this product to come with the bed sensor for breathing this would again give more assurance to me and possible others about thei rbaby. We will continue to use this monitor. I have recommended it to two friends who are expecting. Great product easy to use and wouldn't be without it now.  Really reassuring to be able to see and hear your baby its great sound and visual quality. Laura Arthur – Calvin 8 Months


ProductT ested By Emma Keevil – Flynn 7 Months

Emma Awarded The Angelcare AC1120 Video & Sound Baby Monitor 4.4/5

I thought it was a really good idea. The Quality of the product is really good. Was not easy to set up in our nursery, because the camera lenses does not move enough so we could not get a clear view of Flynn. I know the unit does tilt but it did not move enough down on to the cot. This monitor can be used with batteries or plug into the mains. It was really portable we can take it out into the garden and still be able to hear things. We have already taken with us when we have been staying at friends it was really easy to set up, and we put Flynn in the travel cot and the monitor next to it, we got a better picture than in his normal cot. I do feel confident that I can hear my son with this monitor. The picture quality is good both during the day and at night. I think it is great to be able to see your baby on this monitor. Being able to see the temperature in the room is a really good idea also it tells you if the room is too hot or cold which is good. I do like having the night light on it. We have taken out into the garden and it worked fine. The touch screen facility is nice and simple to use. The camera lenses should move down more, we put the unit on the chest of drawers which is higher than the cot but we could not move the lenses down enough to get a full view of  Flynn whic his a shame. We will use it when we go on holiday etc., because we are able to get a clear view when using the travel cot. I would recommend this product. Great product just shame about the lenses not moving up and down enough. Emma Keevil – Flynn 7 Months



BizzieBaby 2012-13 GOLD Award Julie Awarded The Angelcare AC1120 Video & Sound Baby Monitor 5/5    

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