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52 pages to enjoy every month! AGES 9-12
Animal topics are presented through spectacular photos and informative facts.Important historical events are retold in a lively and engaging way.Science articles present the great innovations and inventions using clear explanations and captioned pictures.Children are shown investigating and experimenting, and sharing their findings.Comic-strips, DIY activities, games, quizzes, recipes, pet care, competitions, and lots more!Captivating articles about the world introduce other countries, cultures and lifestyles.
With your subscription to DiscoveryBox, you can choose to receivetwo exciting books: The Insecto-Files and Strange New Species(hard cover editions) at a very special price! Explore the fabulous world of animals with these great titles which are full of spectacular photos, beautiful illustrations, fascinating scientific information and clear explanations. Be ready to be amazed!
Ideal for Children 9-12 Years - Monthly Publication

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Product Tested By Jennifer Price – Callum 9 Years

Jennifer Awarded Discovery Box Magazine 5/5

Looks colourful, interesting and fun. The quality of this magazine is very good. The look is wonderful as it is colourful and inspiring. Love the fact there is no ads, and yes I would be a little annoyed if there were ads. My son really enjoyed reading this. It was nice that 4 of my children enjoy reading them (4, 7, 9, and 10). The stories and activities were good but maybe a bit too simple. This was stimulating for my son. He enjoyed the history, facts, pictures and diagrams. I like it because they are learning, the other mags they just want for the toys included. This is well presented and a good read and no improvements necessary. The Discovery Box magazine is interesting, fun, colourful and good quality. This is good value for money. I would consider the subscription. I would highly recommend. Excellent learning resource, which is fun and interesting. Jennifer Price – Callum 9 Years

Product Tested By Diane Summers – Charlie 8 Years

Diane Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4.8/5

The paper and glossy finish was very impressive as it looked like a high quality product. It was colourful and eye catching. Thick paper and a glossy finish very impressed. Very colourful and informative on the front page. Was read instantly from opening the envelope. No adverts meant more room for interesting stories and content. Age appropriate adverts would detract from the magazine and encourage my son to pester me to purchase other products. My son enjoyed it very much and shared the information with family, in particular his younger brother which encouraged his reading skills. The jokes were passed around for weeks. Age appropriate, information, very interesting and my son engaged fully with the magazines contents. Very stimulating which was encouraging as my son had recently studied Egypt at school and found even more facts from the magazine which he shared with everyone. It became a talking point. The jokes page which kept him and his friends entertained for weeks were favourite. This magazine is better quality, colourful and my son enjoyed the age appropriate cartoons. A suggestions would be A free gift relating to the topic, however not a project that needs to be collected every week to complete the collection. Very good quality (it survived major thumbing from a 4 year old), age appropriate content, very informative and colourful. Quality of the product reflected the price however expensive in comparison to other products on the market. I would consider £3.95 to be competitive and enables a child to purchase with their pocket money. Personally I feel the subscriptions are too expensive compared to other products on the market. I would recommend although the price any be an obstacle. Price of this product is too high for a regular purchase although the quality of printing and content is excellent. My son was engaged as soon as the envelope was opened. His 4 year old brother enjoyed the colourful pages and pictures which helped both boys to sit together and share the magazine which helped encourage their general knowledge and social skills. The quality was very impressive and this is reflected by the price which was a little high compared to other products on the market and did not offer a toy in relation to the topic which a child does appreciate and would balance the price issue. Very informative with child friendly facts and diagrams and my son really enjoyed the jokes. Diane Summers – Charlie 8 Years

Product Tested By Carrie Jenkins – Sam 8 years

Carrie Awarded The Discovery Box Magazine 4.5/5

Was really impressed with the look and quality of this magazine. Very well produced and high quality paper. The front cover is very eye catching and Sam wanted to read straight away. I do appreciate magazine without ads as feel they detract from the magazine itself. Sam loved reading this magazine and was sharing and discussing various facts he had read. He would also read some of the stories to his younger brother and sister. Activities and stories were entertaining and interesting activities to complete. He liked the stories and activities best. This is a good read, very educational and very well presented. A great magazine for any child as will help with school assignments. This is certainly good value for money considering all the content. I would not really look at the subscription as have a large family so would be costly but would consider purchasing monthly when children ask for it. I would most definitely recommend. A great interactive and informative magazine which my son enjoyed. Carrie Jenkins – Sam 8 years



BizzieBaby 2014-15 SILVER Teen Award Jennifer Awarded Discovery Box Magazine 5/5

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