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HayMax™ Pure Balm

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HayMax™ Pure (approx 5ml) – contains no essential oils.
HayMax™ Pure is perfect for people who are particularly sensitive.
We were asked for a version with no added fragrance or essential oil by many people and this lead to the creation of HayMax™ Pure.
In the year of introduction, HayMax™ Pure was voted BEST PRODUCT ORGANIC at the Natural Trade Show in Brighton.
So if you're sensitive, but need to block the pollen, then choose HayMax™ Pure.
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2011/12, Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2012/13 And Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2013/14 and Bizziebaby GOLD award winner 2014/15

£6.99 for approx 5ml. Available online at or stockists include Lloyds, Asda, Holland and Barrett and larger Boots, Tesco and Waitrose stores. 3 for 2 offers are available in many independent Chemists and health food shops.

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Product Tested By Kim Tonkinson – Baylie & Holly – 8 & 2 years

Kim Awarded The Haymax Pure Balm 5/5

I like it. It's small and compact which is always good as I have to carry it around in my bag. The packaging is great. Not much waste. Small and compact, perfect for my bag. Instructions very easy to follow. Straight forward and easy to understand. The balm is very easy to apply and even though it's a small tub it's lasts a long time.I am allergic to dust, cats and pollen, therefore this balm is perfect for me.The balm works very well alongside my own medication. I think I've noticed, I still sneeze but I don't sneeze as often while using the balm. Once I've applied the balm I can't tell I have it on even though I know I have. The quality is very good. The packaging is very small, only using what cardboard is needed which is good. And the tub itself that the balm is in is really good. Never leaks and is perfect size. . Even though the tub seems very small the balm actually lasts ages. After a month of use I have lots left still.I will be purchasing this again and already recommended. For me this product is great. My allergies aren't the best thing for me but its works great alongside my own medications. I really love the balm. It's easy to apply; it’s a great size perfect to take wherever I go. I love the fact it's organic and it can also be used on children. Overall a really, really good product. Kim Tonkinson – Baylie & Holly – 8 & 2 years

Product Tested By Nadia Ahmed – Aayan 2 Years 6 Months

Nadia Awarded The Haymax Pure Balm 4.7/5

First impression it was small, well packaged. Would grab my attention in the shops. It was very well packaged. It was compact and easily fits into your handbag or even pocket.Instructions were exact and specific and in Plain English which was appreciated. The instructions were short and to the point. I liked this.The product is very easy to apply, just take the lid off use your fingers to put on nostrils and temples near the eyes. Really easy and quick. I do not get really severe hayfever, but suffer from a pollen allergy so I get this all the time. I thought the product was effective but not as effective as my usual choice. I did not find it strong enough I still felt the need to use something else in addition. Very easy to wear as not greasy at all couldn’t even feel it on.Very good quality. I think it is a bit expensive. I probably think it worth around £3.99.I would recommend this item. Excellent product, price lets it down a bit. Really small compact and effective. Nadia Ahmed – Aayan 2 Years 6 Months

Product Tested ByAmanda Hayes – Ethan 2 Years 5 Months

Amanda Awarded The Haymax Pure Balm 4.7/5

Initially I was surprised that the pot was so small. Good packaging as it is so clear. You can see straight away that it’s organic, drug free and has no side effects without even picking up the box from the shelf. The instructions are very clear on applying to the nostrils, but it’s not until you read the small instructions inside that you see you can also apply it to the corners of the eyes. It’s extremely easy to apply, almost like putting Vaseline on, just dab your finger into the pot and apply straight to the nose/eyes. I own horses and unfortunately am allergic to hay and straw! So filling hay nets and doing bedding causes me to literally sneeze nonstop, eyes and nose constantly running. The Haymax worked just as well if not better as long as I put it on before going out; once I had already started sneezing it wasn’t quite so effective. Very comfortable. Even round the eyes you didn’t notice you were wearing it. Great value for money as a little goes a long way. I would purchase this and certainly recommend. Works very well, you just need to remember to apply it early. I really liked this product, I do a lot of driving and the use of anything that may possibly make me drowsy is a real no go. I’m a big fan of organic products but they can sometimes be extremely expensive. Haymax is good value for money and actually works. Amanda Hayes – Ethan 2 Years 5 Months



BizzieBaby 2014-15 GOLD Award

Kim Awarded The Haymax Pure Balm  5/5

HayMax™ Pure Balm Stockist Information

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Postern Piece Farm, Bedford

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