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HayMax™ Frankincense

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HayMax™ Frankincense (approx 5ml) – used for centuries for a great variety of things including anxiety, coughing, asthma and its incense.
Also called Olibanum - One of the three gifts given by the Three Wise Men at the birth of Jesus, Frankincense has been used for its incense and healing properties for centuries, and was once more valuable than gold!Latin Name(s):
Boswellia carteri(i), Boswellia thurifera, Boswellia sacra, Boswellia serrata,
Old Wood, Fresh, Woody, balsamic, green lemon, green unripe apples, spicy, fruity
Clear To Pale Yellow
People Use Frankincense for:
Anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, extreme coughing, scars, stress, stretch marks.
Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2011/12 and Winner Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2012/13 And Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2013/14  

£6.99 5ml. Available online at or stockists include Lloyds, Asda, Holland and Barrett and larger Boots, Tesco and Waitrose stores. 3 for 2 offers are available in many independent Chemists and health food shops.

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Product Tested By Clare Kerslake – James 6 years

Clare Awarded The HayMax Frankincense Balm 4.7/5

The chance to test a drug free product was eagerly received with the hope of some relief from the symptoms of hay fever. The product comes in a tiny little pot that can be taken with you anywhere. Easy and simple instructions – re-apply regularly! This is key to the success of the product, reapplying regularly keeps the sneezing and itchy throat symptoms away. Straightforward instructions and can be applied anywhere. From March through most of the summer I have always suffered with hay fever and the symptoms of sneezing, blocked sinuses, itchy eyes and an irritable throat - this year it has been particularly bad. I reluctantly usually take tablets to keep the symptoms at bay which often result in some form of drowsiness. For the product to work to its potential I found it has to be re-applied regularly from morning to night. Since testing the product I have not taken any tablet medication. However, I have continued to have itchy eyes. Using eye drops in combination with the Hay Max as worked effectively for me. The product was easy to apply and comfortable to wear. However immediately after it is applied there is a little bit of a shine! The quality is amazing! As soon as it’s applied the sneezing episodes cease and there is massive improvement throughout the day with the itchiness of the throat. For such a small pot which is reapplied numerous times a day it is going to last the whole of this hay fever season. Excellent value for money. I will most definitely purchase more! A drug free option that works and is effective in providing relief of hay fever symptoms is positively received. I would definitely recommend. The tiny pot of balm is easy to use with effective results. I believe it could offer some improvement of symptoms to the many sufferers out there. Even if used in combination with another product to eliminate other symptoms. Using a drug free product has massive appeal and I have been suitably impressed with the relief it has provided me with. I will continue to use the product with much satisfaction. Clare Kerslake – James 6 years

Product Tested By Carol Bright – Charlotte 4 Years

Carol Awarded The HayMax Frankincense Balm 4.7/5

When this arrived it looked a smart small tub with clear instructions. Smart packaging, handy small size. Instructions clear and easy to follow. This is so easy to apply. I suffer from moderate Hay Fever. It was helpful, but I was still using my usual medication especially on high pollen count days. This was easy to apply and once applied the balm you really did not notice you had this on. The quality is very good. This represents very good value or money. I would purchase this product again and certainly recommend. Useful product for mild hay fever, this would be especially helpful for use in children and pregnant/breastfeeding mums who are trying to minimise taking medication, as this product is just locally applied. Pleasantly fragranced, easy to use, very helpful product for people looking to try options to minimise hay fever symptoms as an alternative to prescription/over the counter pharmacological treatments. Carol Bright – Charlotte 4 Years

Product Tested By Tania Smith – Imogen & Annie – 6 years & 15 Months

Tania Awarded The HayMax Frankincense Balm 4.3/5

I was unsure of how well this product would work as it was a small balm. I also thought it wouldn’t last very long. However, I am really interested in using alternatives to antihistamines so was looking forward to trialling the product. It was functional. Not overly packaged as a lot of products are. The size of the pot was very handy as it fits nicely in a handbag. Fairly plain but it didn’t need to be fancy. It looked like a medical product as it is just a white tub rather than having loads of things on it. I’m still unsure if I was using the product correctly. The product is a balm. You are told to apply around the nostrils. I was unsure how much! If you rub your finger around the tub you get a small amount and I put this on. I never knew if it was enough! The instructions were very sparse. This was the weakest area; we ended up trying differing amounts. Like applying a lip balm but on your nose. I took a mark off because I wasn’t sure how much to apply. The product glided on. I have mild hay fever but my 6 year old has quite severe hay fever and normally takes a strong antihistamine. It helped me slightly. My nose ran less but my eyes were still irritated. Initially I tried using without using my normal antihistamine. It was good for my nose but I needed something for my eyes. It worked well on Imogen and she ended up taking it to school to reapply during the day. Her hay fever affects her mainly by making her nose run rather than affecting her eyes. You didn’t know it was there. However, you do need to reapply a lot – every time you have blown your nose. I was conscious my nose looked quite shiny! It did what it said without the use of drugs. I was pleased with the overall quality. Nice smell, nice texture. The tub fastened easily and was small enough to fit in a bag. Very good value for money. The small tub has been used for over a month and there is still plenty left. I would buy this again for my daughter. I would use this on me but I would have to use alongside eye drops. This is definitely better than using antihistamines. I would recommend to those who suffer with runny nose hay fever. I feel the instructions need to be more detailed. How much do you put on? I have scooped bits out as well as used a small amount. I think a small amount is right but the instructions leave this up to you. I am thrilled my 6 year old has used this and taken this to school as I know she is more comfortable than her nose running all day. I also know she is not full of medication. A good alternative to prevent runny noses and sneezes. It will impress the cynics and will enable you to stop taking as many antihistamines. Tania Smith – Imogen & Annie – 6 years & 15 Months
















































BizzieBaby 2013-14 SILVER Award

Clare Awarded The HayMax Frankincense Balm 4.7/5

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