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HayMax™ Frankincense

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HayMax™ Frankincense (approx 5ml) – used for centuries for a great variety of things including anxiety, coughing, asthma and its incense.
Also called Olibanum - One of the three gifts given by the Three Wise Men at the birth of Jesus, Frankincense has been used for its incense and healing properties for centuries, and was once more valuable than gold!Latin Name(s):
Boswellia carteri(i), Boswellia thurifera, Boswellia sacra, Boswellia serrata,
Old Wood, Fresh, Woody, balsamic, green lemon, green unripe apples, spicy, fruity
Clear To Pale Yellow
People Use Frankincense for:
Anxiety, asthma, bronchitis, extreme coughing, scars, stress, stretch marks.
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2018 Natural Remedies Category   

£6.99 for approx 5ml. HayMax is available at Holland and Barrett, larger Boots and Morrisons stores, and online at Ocado or 3 for 2 offers are available in many independent Chemists and health food shops.

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Product Tested By Richard Pearson

Richard Awarded The HayMax Frankincense 4.4/5

Looked interesting when arrived and smart packaging. Packaging was smart and not using excessive amounts of plastic. Instructions simple and easy to follow. The concept is original. This was very easy to apply. Product perfect size, making it very easy to take everywhere. Very effective at reducing sneezing, however I still felt the effects of the pollen in my eyes. Once applied it would take about 10 minutes for it to work. I have suffered from hayfever for 20 years. I would use this every day before leaving the house. Being natural is important to me as putting excessive amounts of chemicals into our bodies can have unforeseen long term affects. This product is clearly high quality. Good value as effective, and with the amount in the pot there is enough for repeated use.The best part of this product is the ease of application, and size of pot making it easy to carry. I would buy this again due to natural ingredients and ease of use. I would recommend as the product is made up of natural ingredients and I believe this is better than artificial remedies. Would have been a 5 however eyes still affected by pollen. Very good product, which provides good relief from hay fever symptoms overall. The product is easy to apply and the size of the packaging allows you to carry it with you everywhere. Richard Pearson

Product Tested By Emily Henderson

Emily Awarded The HayMax Frankincense 3.9/5

I had seen it in the shops before so was really keen to give it a try. It came at a time of very high pollen and a very bad case of hayfever so I was hopeful it would help me out. Great packaging couldn't get much better. Like the font used on the package and the little tub is nice and also small to fit in your pocket or bag.The product is so easy to use that the instructions are simple as they don't need to be complicated at all. They were very easy and quick to understand. I love the idea that it is a natural product so you know you aren't using anything harmful. Very easy to apply. Couldn’t be any easier. The size is great. Easy to fit in your pocket or bag and I think it will last a long time as you only need a tiny amount.Unfortunately it wasn't effective for me. My hayfever is quite extreme that even 1 a day tablets don’t work.Sadly it didn't work for me. I continued to use it for a few weeks. I have suffered with hayfever for about 12 years. Some years are much worse than others. Especially the time I was testing this out.I did use this multiple times each day. I like knowing there is nothing nasty or harmful about it as it's obviously nicer to use natural and safe products especially if I was using in my children. Good quality product overall. Packaging great and actual product inside is nice to use. If it works for you then definitely. I even think it's worth the investment to try and see if it works for you. If it doesn't then it was still worth the try.The smell is great. I wasn't sure about what frankincense would smell like and I automatically thought it would smell horrible and spicy but it was so nice which is obviously important when it's being used on your nose. I would not buy this personally purely because I have tried it and it did not work for me. I would recommend.It has a high success rate so even though it didn't work for me it is definitely worth a try because if it does work for you it is a great product.Although it was not successful for me and my extreme hayfever, I do however understand it has a high success rate so I was one of the anomalies. The product itself is very easy to use, has a nice texture and smells so good. I would never have chosen frankincense but it is lovely. A scratch and sniff on the box would be ideal especially as it is a product you use directly on your nose so it's important you like the smell. The packaging is great and the pot is a good size that will last a long time and easy to carry around with you. I love the concept of the product and even though it didn't work for me I would still recommend people try it to see if it works for them as it's a natural product so great if it does work for you. Emily Henderson

Product Tested By Graham Taylor

Graham Awarded The HayMax Frankincense 4.6/5

Looked neat compact and handy size pot. Instructions clear and precise. Thought the concept of a natural balm to help relieve hayfever was a good idea. Really easy to apply. The size of the pot enables you to pop in jacket pocket and easy to take with you to use during the day. This was very effective in reducing sneezing but still suffered with itchy eyes. When applied it would work well within half hour.I have had hayfever all my life and some years are worse than others. I would use this 3 times a day as required. I really liked that fact it was natural as I do not like taking medicines for hayfever as tend to make me very drowsy so this was an ideal alternative that worked. This is a good quality product.The pot looks small but you only need a little each time so will last. Certainly good value for money. Worked really well with helping with continual sneezing but not so effective on stopping itch eyes. However, it is one of the best remedies I have used for many years and being drug free is a huge bonus. I would buy this again and have already recommended. Natural, easy to apply, small pot makes it easy to take with you and use during the day and works. Graham Taylor










BizzieBaby 2018 BRONZE Award

Richard Awarded The HayMax Frankincense 4.4/5

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