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Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque

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A unique way to decorate your children's room or baby nursery with this personalised children's wall art plaque from Carla Daly. No framing required, your kids will love these fun animals taking a boat trip. These are produced by Carla Daly to make decorating your baby nursery and kids bedroom easy!Your children's wall plaque is cut out from 3mm hard card. This product is durable and any marks can be wiped clean. No framing required, ready to hange art!
Type: Children's Wall Plaque
Size: 30 x 40 cm (11.7"x 15.7"). 
Dispatch: 48 Hours. Free Shipping.

£22.00 available to purchase online

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Product Tested By Kate Monda – Raphael 5 Months

Kate Awarded The Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque 5/5

It's great – sturdy, brilliant size, lovely colours, really nice unusual piece for a nursery. Nice packaging, the parcel looked lovely and had a nice little company label on it. The design is great – Unique and colourful. The personalisation for this item was just perfect. It was completed brilliantly – only small point to make is that on the side of the bus the word ‘every' was spelt ‘ever' so I had to add the y with permanent marker myself. A very minor point though and not a huge problem! The quality is brilliant – it would take a lot to bend the product as it is really sturdy and will last in a Childs bedroom for a very long time. It looks as if it will wipe clean very easily too. , very good value for a unique and personalised product compared to others on the market that are similar. The design is unique to the artist and it just looks great! I would definitely consider this for babies and children of friends and family. You can really be sure that they won't receive anything similar for their birthdays/christenings etc. It is something that they will remember fondly and will keep well over the years – a lovely gift. I would have been thrilled if I had received this as a gift. I would recommend this product without hesitation. A bright and colourful special piece to hang on a Childs wall that will be treasured for a long time – so unique and refreshingly different to many of the other run of the mill ‘personalised' products available on the market today. It really looks lovely in my little boy's nursery. Kate Monda – Raphael 5 Months

Product Tested By Sharon Taylor – Chloe 15 Months

Sharon Awarded The Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque 4.6/5

Very professional well-made product. Item came well packaged and safe from any damage. Great design, very clear and well-drawn. All of the details given were correct on the personalisation. Very clear and precise wording. This is of a high quality and very well made. Definitely good value for money. I couldn't think of a better way to improve the design as it is perfect the way it is. I would definitely consider buying this product now I have seen the finished result. I would definitely consider buying this as a present for somebody. I would have loved this if it had been brought as a gift. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I'm very happy with the wall plaque. It looks great on display and is lovely keep sake.  Sharon Taylor - Chloe 15 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Morris - Phoebe 7 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque – Bus 4.1/5

Very nice product, not something I would buy for myself but would make a nice gift. Arrived nicely wrapped in tissue paper and then packaged in a cardboard box for protection. Cute animals on the bus and nice bright colours that would fit with most colour schemes, my only issue was that the bus driver was called Sid and I thought it would have been nice if this was personalised to the name of the child. All names and dates etc. were correct on the personalisation of this item. It was neatly written but when I heard I would be reviewing the product I thought the whole thing was made to order when in fact it is a print that is then personalised with a marker and I think you can tell it has been added to. I think it's nice but you can tell where the personalisation has been added. It's a nice product but there are bespoke products on the market for not much more money. Personally I feel the design could be improved by changing the the name of the bus driver to the child. Possibly purchase as a gift but think the price would have to be lower as I would possible choose a more bespoke gift for an extra few pounds. It looks very nice hanging in my daughter's room and we do not have anything similar. I would suggest they consider it if they were looking for a gift for someone. This does make a nice gift. Rebecca Morris – Phoebe 7 Months


BizzieBaby 2011-12 SILVER Award Kate Awarded The Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque 5/5

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