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Gumigem Teething Necklace

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GUMIGE­M ­® range of fantastic necklaces that are designed to look amazing, whilst helping your baby through the teething process. GUMIGEM ® is MORE than just a replacement stylish necklace to fill the gap between your baby grabbing and chewing on everything in sight until they know better, our customers tell us they love them because.....GUMIGEM®can withstand high temperatures, be easily sterilised or placed in the dishwasher. On a long cord, there is plenty of reach for baby, and for extra comfort and safety, each necklace has a breakaway clasp. A thoughtful gift for new mummies, adorable aunties and gorgeous grannies! GUMIGEM® is the only mummy necklace run and made in the UK which accommodates both the need for mums to be stylish and babies to teethe on for relief of symptoms. It's a traditional teether, for the modern mum. Many nursing necklaces are made from hard beads which many dentists feel is not ideal for emerging teeth due to the potential risk of wear and damage. GUMIGEM® is made from baby safe silicone which is what 'conventional' teethers are made with thus allowing baby to chomp on a suitable material.

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Product Tested By Jessica Hilton – Emily 17 Months

Jessica Awarded The Gumigem Teething Pendants 4.3/5

I thought that this product looked like a nice looking item. The packaging was lovely and the quality of the product itself was excellent. I think this product is a good idea; my daughter is always grabbing hold of my jewellery so good that she can and it has a use. It is easy to clean and is a good size/shape for younger babies cutting front teeth. Emily seems attracted to it and plays with it while I'm holding her. She did pull at it but the long cord means it's not too uncomfortable for me. I think it offers good value for money. My child is maybe a bit old for it now but would definitely use it for a new baby. I would recommend this to others as I think it's a good idea and the necklace is not ugly or looks obviously like a teether. I had a good experience with this product, it's a very good idea and very useful. Jessica Hilton – Emily 17 Months

Product Tested By Gill Cross – Aaron 16 Months

Gill Awarded The Gumigem Teething Pendants 4.6/5

I really liked the look of the item; it seemed sturdy enough yet soft enough for babies use. The packaging was fine and the quality of the product was excellent. The fact that this teether was a necklace was an excellent innovative idea, I really liked the product. It cleans really easy and the size and shape is perfect for Aaron. He definitely liked this teether. It was practical and Aaron enjoyed playing with it both on and off my neck. I think it does offer value for money. I will continue to use it. I am expecting my 2nd child and will definitely keep this for my new baby to use. It is a fantastic idea and I loved the style of the product and the practicalities of it for baby. My son is older at 16 Months but is getting quite a few teeth through all at once and he enjoyed using this product as a reliever for his teething. Gill Cross – Aaron 16 Months

Product Tested By Nerissa Hendricks – Jessica 1 Year

Nerissa Awarded The Gumigem Teething Pendants 4/5

I was a bit dubious at first as I was worried that it might encourage my daughter to chew on my other necklaces or pull at them but as yet she hasn't. It is not a necklace that I would normally wear but it was very funky and did go with most things, my daughter liked to chew on it and play with it even when I wasn't wearing it. The necklace was a great soother and pacifier especially when she was tired and has been chewed to within an inch of its life recently as she is teething with the double teeth. The packaging was simple yet clear. Product quality was good and fit for purpose as a teether. As I have mentioned above I was a little worried that it would encourage my daughter to chew all my other necklaces but as yet she hasn't and most of time she held it herself and used it as a teether and I used the necklace to secure it to her chair. This one is very easy to clean too which is good. The size and shape of the teether is fine for its purpose as a teether. My daughter liked to hold it herself rather than use it round my neck. I think it does offer value for money. It is a lovely necklace but used more as a normal hand held teether rather than as a necklace. Nerissa Hendricks – Jessica 1 Year


BizzieBaby 2011-12 BRONZE Award

Jessica Awarded The Gumigem Teething Pendants 4.3/5

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