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aden + anais Cozy Muslin Swaddle

1 - In The Nursery

For countless generations, mothers have swaddled and cared for their children with natural muslin. aden + anais® brings this traditional practice to you with our specially-crafted cozy swaddles. Designed with fashion-forward prints and a double-layer of muslin, they are the perfect wrap for cold, wintery nights and brisk walks in the park.   
Single 100% cotton muslin double-layer swaddling blanket. The fabrics light, open weave allows a babys body temperature to regulate itself naturally which helps to prevent overheating. The double layer of muslin helps make baby comfortably warm on cold nights and brisk walks through the park. The more you wash aden + anais wraps, the softer they get. aden + anais wraps are extra large, measuring 47" x 47", so that new and seasoned mums alike can swaddle babies of all sizes with ease. Traditionally used for swaddling our wraps can also be used as burp cloths, nursing and stroller covers, portable crib sheets, stroller and car seat liners, tummy time blankets, change table covers, and more.

It's an amazing product it helps my son sleep at night; he loves the feel of it and likes to play with it.                 

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Almo Art Little Boy on a Boat Wall Sticker

1 - In The Nursery

A cute and fun wall sticker that will add exuberance and joy to any little man’s living space.It features a little boy on a speedboat boat riding the waves. You will need to choose the colour that you would like the boat to be and then a different colour for the little boy character and the text.

I am quite impressed with the effect and can't imagine the wall without it

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Almo Art Personalised Family Wall Sticker – Small

1 - In The Nursery

A fun personalised family wall sticker with illustrations.This is a fun sticker that would brighten up and add individuality to any interior wall.It has an illustration of a house with the words, 'Our house, is a very, very fine house….'It contains graphics of your different family members with their names and their dates of birth and union.It is extremely versatile and would look great in a hallway, dining room, kitchen or living room. The sticker would also make a great gift.

It is good quality and clearly, a lot of care has been taken by the company to wrap, package and send it. It also comes with a handy plastic 'scraper' to help put it onto the wall-a lovely touch. 

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Angel Cashmere Reversible Wool Baby Blanket

1 - In The Nursery

This is proving to be one of the favourites from the new collection.  This stunning blanket is available in gorgeous dark grey/white or the perfect shade of heather pink/white.  The reversible blanket is two cosy blankets stitched together, one side being white and coloured stars and the other side has a coloured background with the white stars.  It not only provides warmth and comfort to your baby, but also looks fabulous & funky!  Use whichever side suits your mood or your decor.  Baby is cozy and blanket is chic! Cashmere 70% / Wool 30%105cm x 75cm

Fantastic, versatile blanket which will be used time and time again and will clearly last!  

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Baby Bunting

1 - In The Nursery

Here’s a bright colourful bunting ideal to decorate a child’s bedroom or wendy house or even something you can bring out for your child’s birthday! I've made alphabet bunting which is perfect for a nursery, a classroom, for a maternity present and I can of course make personalised bunting with names or any kind of design

The aspect of being able to personalize the bunting to match my son’s room was excellent. It’s wonderful and will be hung in his room for a long time to come.

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BabyBjorn Baby Sitter Balance

1 - In The Nursery

BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance. Children find rocking themselves in the Babysitter fun and relaxing. Rocking and moving themselves in the Babysitter enables your child to train their motor and balance skills naturally. The BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance has been developed in close cooperation with pediatricians and is backed up by over 45 years of product development and experience.The BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance is easy to fold and take with you, wherever you go, and has three positions; play, rest and sleep. From 0-2 years (3.5 kg/7.7 lbs to 13 kg/28.6 lbs).The material is machine-washable and approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1, i.e. it is guaranteed free from hazardous substances. Reversible fabric gives you four colour schemes in one.Accessories for our Babysitters:
BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Wooden Toy and BABYBJÖRN Cozy Cover for Babysitter

Winnsers Bizziebaby Gold Award 2008 & 2009/10 and Winners Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12

Now that we have tried this seat we have found that both the twins preffer it over our more traditional baby bouncer. We will definitely continue to use it.  

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BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

1 - In The Nursery

Bouncer Balance Soft
Natural rocking and fun
Soft design for an extra cosy feeling
Soft fabric, round forms and supportive design create an extra cosy feeling for your baby.Rocking that develops motor skills and balance
The enjoyable rocking develops your baby’s motor skills and balance in a natural way. No batteries are needed.Proper head and back support
The ergonomic design of the bouncer gives your baby proper support from age newborn.

It's a fantastic bit of kit that if you are looking for a bouncer, definitely spend the extra and invest in this over a cheaper alternative. A beautifully designed and highly functional piece of baby equipment, it just helps to make life with our baby just a little bit easier.  

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BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss

1 - In The Nursery

Ergonomic baby bouncer with natural rocking – our latest designNew Bouncer Bliss is a cosy place for your baby to play and rest while you get a chance to take a shower or prepare a meal. When your baby kicks their legs or waves their arms, the baby bouncer rocks gently. No batteries needed – the baby bouncer runs on pure fun! Playing in the baby bouncer also helps your baby to develop their motor skills and balance. Bouncer Bliss can be used from newborn and up to the age of 2 years.

I feel this is a great bouncer, it is stylish and well made, my daughter enjoys sitting in it as she is at a nice angle and she can see everyone around her, she also enjoys making herself bounce in it. My older 2 year old daughter also loves using the bouncer as a chair. The bouncer is made of good quality material that is easily washable and appears to ‘wear’ well. The bouncer is also very light and easy to fold down flat making it great for travelling. Overall a great product.

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Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag and Toddler Bean Bag Cover

1 - In The Nursery

Get a FREE matching "My 1st Bean Bag" cover with every Bambeano® purchase!  Extend the life of your baby bean bag up to 5 years by transferring the beans from the Bambeano® into the "My 1st Bean Bag" cover.The Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag has been awarded a Bizziebaby Silver Award 2012/13 in the Baby Chairs & Swings category! This coveted award is voted for by parent's themselves. We have received excellent feedback and reviews on the Bambeano®.Baby bean bags are perfect for your newborn and the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag offers a comfortable bed for tiny babies so you can relax while they sleep.Suitable for 0-6 monthsSecure safety harnessSemi-upright position -helps babies with acid refluxRemovable, washable 100% cotton coverThe unique Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag comes with a harness to secure your little one in place and is suitable for 0-6 month olds (approx).With innovative design and superior quality fabrics the Bambeano® Baby Bean Bag is a perfect combination of comfort and safety. It allows new borns and young babies to sit securely, comfortably and fully supported in a semi upright postion so that they can see the world around them.This baby bean bag seat is particularly helpful for babies with infant acidreflux as a practical support cushion as they can sit securely in a semi-elevated position. Available in beautiful soft polkadot colours.  Also an ideal gift idea for expectant parents!

Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2013/14

I will definitely recommend this product to family and friends. The Bambeano Baby Bean Bag is a quality and versatile product that combines a lot of the usual baby products into one easy to use and attractive seat/bed. Something that will be used every day. 

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Baroo Daisy Farm Moses Basket

1 - In The Nursery

Length is approximately 76 cms. Width is approximately 29 cms. Height is approximately 20 cms. Suitable from birth until baby starts to pull themselves up. Lightweight easy to carry. Palm reed construction with carry handles. Dressed in two tone luxury poly-cotton fabric. Complete with Hood, drapes and quilt set. Safety foam mattress. Machine washable drape set. Can be used with optional moses fold flat stand or rocking stand. Please note that the moses stand is not included but can be purchased separately.

Superb quality, stunning design, quick delivery and a beautiful unisex piece of furniture.

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Beaba Pixie Night Light

1 - in The Nursery

Pixie night light

Night light Suitable From birth -Its soft light reassures baby when he’s sleeping.

From 6 months
By pressing the button on the back of the night light, the light becomes stronger and the night light becomes a lantern which a child can carry to find his way at night time.
Very easy to hold with its ergonomic handle (ideal for toilet training at night time).
Rechargeable base (comes with charger), LED for energy saving, double light intensity.

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2009 and Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2013/14


My toddler finds it really comforting and it’s so nice knowing he can carry it around with him if he wants to. A great product that’s good value for money and makes bedtime a whole lot easier! 

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Beaba Up & Down Bounce Chair

1 - in The Nursery

BEABA Up & Down bouncer chair is designed to be used from birth through to 9kgs and allows you to take your baby anywhere in the house, allowing bonding and closeness regardless of what you are doing. With four height settings and three backrest settings the Up & Down can be adjusted so that your baby can always see you whether cooking, eating with the family or chilling on the floor while baby is being fed. Being height adjustable your baby is kept away from floor dust and pets. The slightly curved base allows the Up & Down to rock, however a simple blocking system keeps it static. The height is adjusted with a safety push button and the upholstery is fully machine washable.The Up & Down has been designed for total comfort and has side padding and a removable head hugger.


Having had a c section having a chair at a height where I do not have to bend has been invaluable - the extra height is a practical and innovative twist to the usual baby chair. 

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1 - In The Nursery

bébéPOD® The ultimate in infant positioning and support!  An essential tool for babies learning to sit.  The New & Improved bebePOD® now features a removable pommel that allows you to “upgrade” Baby’s First Seat with accessory packages that include a tray, placemat and more!  Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean.

A great product for both parent and baby, the ultimate baby seat!

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Bertie & Jack Happy Days Cut-Out Artwork

1 - In The Nursery

Celebrate those perfect moments in life with our most popular cut-out in our mini range, our very own Elly & Butterfly.

A lovely present idea and different from anything else on the market. Lots of designs and layouts to choose from which make it ideal for a wide range of people and ages.

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BKids : Watch over Me Dream Station

1 - In The Nursery

B Kids are proud to present their Newest Arrival, the Watch Over Me Dream Station. Watch Over Me is a First, a new sleep station with Smart Sensor Sleeping programme. Utilising SMART Sensing Technology which is based on detection and measurement of Body Heat, Motion, Sound which results in a comprehensive monitoring of baby sleeping phases. Watch Over Me Dream Station incorporates the 5 Phase Smart Sleeping Programme:Phase 1 Time for Bed - Place baby in crib and activate Watch Over Me. As the paddles begin to sway, gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm baby down and prepare them for sleep. Phase 2 Falling Asleep - As the Smart Sensor detects less activity by the sleepy baby, light music and movements of the Watch Over Me are made quieter and calmer to help ease them into sleep.Phase 3 Asleep - Once the Smart Sensor detects no sound or movement from baby, the motion, projected lights and music are replaced by soothing mood lights and white noise.Phase 4 Continued Sleep -The Smart Sensor standby and continues to monitor baby throughout the night. It will offer mood light to keep baby calm should they wake up. Phase 5 Waking Up - Once the present timer completes its cycle (4/6/8 hours); Watch Over Me will turn on the mood light and begin playing soft music. The motion and light show will then begin to encourage baby to wake up. This will put baby in a happy mood to start a new day.

Wonderful intuitive product and definitely worth the price.  

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Bloom Coco Go

1 - In The Nursery

This lightweight lounger has a unique 3-in-1 design so it can also be also used as a rocker and bouncer, making it ideal for playtime and naptime. With 3 reclining positions it's suitable from birth and there's a concealed vibration unit to help little ones drift off to sleep. The unique fold-flat design and carry bag make it ideal for travelling as it can be stored neatly and compactly. Additional Features: machine washable seat pad, 5 point safety harness and anti-skid base.

 A lovely light, handy and essential piece of equipment that every parent needs to keep your baby comfortable and safe when you need some hands free time or for when they have a nap in the day.

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Bloom Coco Rocker

1 - In The Nursery

coco bloom belongs in contemporary living spaces with its iconic form and comfortable nest for baby formed in patented stylewood™ coco bloom has a smooth self-rocking motion, soft-feel comfort seat and 5-point safety harness
suitable from newborn to 12 kg/26 lbs - curved, single-piece frame with cosy seat • formed in pressed wood
• smooth, self-rocking motion • adjustable 5-point padded safety harness • no assembly required

 Although a little expensive it is well worth the initial outlay for the style and comfort especially if it is going to be used for more than one child. The safety aspect is also really important. I would definitely recommend it. It is well worth the initial cost for a well-made and attractive chair which will stand the test of time and still look trendy too.

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Bonnie Baby Cashmere Layette striped baby blanket

1 - In The Nursery

Bonnie Baby Cashmere Layette striped baby blanket with cute bows on each corner to keep baby amused, Size 86cm x 70cm. 55% cashmere 45% cotton, fully machine washable at 30 degrees. Suitable Newborn Plus and available in Rose, Duckegg or Unisex Grey.

Beautifully packaged luxurious blanket that I love to wrap my baby in. 

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Bramble & Smudge Bed-e-Bag

1 - In The Nursery

When one Bed-e-Bag just isn't enough. Baby can be snuggled up warm inside one while the other is in the wash or drying. Bed-e-Bags stylish and safe. They provide comfort and warmth without the need for additional bedding. Bramble bed-e-Bag features luxurious cord with soft velour and large embroidery of Bramble Bear. Product Details:100% Cotton-100% Polyester Filling - Size: 0-6 months. Please note, not suitable for babies less than 7lb. Popper fastening, side to bottom zip, makes nappy changing easier.Bed-e-Bags prevent the problem of covers being kicked off whilst sleeping. Approximately 2.5 Tog, suitable for all year round except for high summer. It is recommended that baby wears a long sleeved sleep suit in the Bed-e-Bag. This is always dependant upon the temperature of the nursery. Fully machine washable and tumble dry friendly.

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Bubble Cashmere Blanket

1 - In The Nursery

Whether buying for your own little angel, or buying as a gift, a luxury baby blanket really is a must have item for a newborn.  A favourite baby blanket can be a treasured gift for a baby that truly lasts a lifetime.   Chic and contemporary, Angel Cashmere baby blankets are made from the softest, most luxurious 100% pure cashmere or 100% pure lamere.  Cashmere is exceptionally soft for delicate baby skin, breathable, lightweight yet warm - ideal for summer or winter. Every single item comes to you beautifully gift wrapped, with gift card if you like - at no extra cost to you. We also have 100% luscious leather Lin&Leo babybags, the cutest leather baby shoes, gorgeous knitted toys and NEW IN SHOP TODAY -  FAIR TRADE/ORGANIC TOYS available to buy now,  We're now based in London and Singapore and can provide fast worldwide delivery!

A beautifully luxurious blanket, perfect as a gift or to use on special occasions.

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Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers

1 - In The Nursery

These innovative padded bumpers wrap individually around the bars of a cot. They soften hard edges and protect little ones from bangs and bumps, whilst still allowing air to circulate.

Made from 100% cotton outer and fire retardant polyester inner and with no dangerous ties or large expanses of fabric, Bumpsters Cot Bar Bumpers simply attach securely with Velcro( 3 strips per Bumpster). Active sleepers are often at risk from banging themselves; protecting against this can aid a better night’s sleep for both parent and child.

Bizziebaby Silver award winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2014/15

They are soft and easy to fit to the cot bars. The design is lovely and matches in well with my son’s nursery.

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Bungee Deluxe Baby Chair

1 - In The Nursery

Baby rocking chair which comes with lockable seesaw, soft cover and toy bar. Handles at side for easy transportation. Cover removable and washable. For Local stockist click onto

A luxurious multi position chair that is excellent for rocking your baby to sleep. 

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Bunting by Little Sew and Sews

1 - In The Nursery

Bunting £5 a strip

Sold in a 2.5metre strip, the bunting can be made up to order. Generally 12 flags fit perfectly along 2.5 metres but a few more can be added, or a few taken away to alter to your taste. The bunting can be made of any material in the fabric available section  

I would definitely purchase more and I have already recommended it to lots of people. I just loved it.

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Carla Daly Personalised Wall Plaque

1 - In The Nursery

A unique way to decorate your children's room or baby nursery with this personalised children's wall art plaque from Carla Daly. No framing required, your kids will love these fun animals taking a boat trip. These are produced by Carla Daly to make decorating your baby nursery and kids bedroom easy!Your children's wall plaque is cut out from 3mm hard card. This product is durable and any marks can be wiped clean. No framing required, ready to hange art!
Type: Children's Wall Plaque
Size: 30 x 40 cm (11.7"x 15.7"). 
Dispatch: 48 Hours. Free Shipping.

A bright and colourful special piece to hang on a Childs wall that will be treasured for a long time – so unique and refreshingly different to many of the other run of the mill ‘personalised' products available on the market today. It really looks lovely in my little boy's nursery.

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Cloudzz bouncer

1 - In The Nursery

Cloudzz® bouncer
Rocks baby at his own rhythm, remains still when he is. Unique, the innovative concept of the Cloudzz® bouncer encourages baby to become aware of and interact serenely with his surroundings. Unpowered, the bouncer’s rocking motion is natural, in response to baby’s own movements. In the Cloudzz® bouncer, baby is positioned comfortably and rocked gently at his own pace. Ideal for moments shared, the bouncer remains still when baby rests. Featuring 3 functions (oscillating to calm baby and help him fall asleep, locked, for mealtime or for play, rotating for changing the bouncer’s direction), the Cloudzz® bouncer can be used at different moments of baby’s day, from birth to 9kgs. It has 3 reclining positions (lying down, reclining or sitting up).The base, raised 50cms off the ground, is kind on parents backs and facilitates parent/child interaction. Comes complete with large canopy, toy bar, head + body hugger and anti-insect net (all removable).
Size: Dimensions : l 72 x w 42 x h 50cms Suitable: Birth to 9kg Available in Light Grey

I would recommend as It is an excellent product.

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Cocoonababy nest

1 - In The Nursery

Cocoonababy® nest Welcoming baby gently into the world, providing him with a comforting, reassuring, well-defined space which reminds him of his mother's womb, the Cocoonababy® helps the newborn to adapt as best as to possible life following birth. The semi-foetal, slightly curved position which baby adopts in the cocoon, soothes him, reassures him and helps to limit the onset of the principal troubles which may bother him during his first months. The Cocoonababy® is an ergonomic cocoon which repositions the child in the semifoetal position he adopted in his mummy’s tummy. The semi-foetal position du Cocoonababy® helps limit concerns occuring during the first months and contributes to :- improve the quality and the length of the child’s sleep.- reduce the involuntary jerky movements which wake baby with a start and make him cry (startle or Moro reflex).- limit gastric reflux (thanks to the slope of the Cocoonababy®).- limit the risk of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). The Cocoonababy® nest includes the Tummy Band reassures and soothes baby by applying a light pressure on his tummy, without hindering his freedom of movement.

This is a great product that actually does what it is meant to. My baby feels happy and safe and secure lying on the nest

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Cover Me Safety Dome

1 - In The Nursery

Cover Me is a collapsible, easily transported, natural barrier designed to help protect your baby. 
Reduces the risk of small to average sized objects from hitting your baby
Gives baby their own unique space
360 degree views for both parent/carer
Natural barrier to household pets
Can be used in every room in the house
Insect repellent
Can be taken on holiday
Easily set up and taken down
Easily stored away

It is a well-made design which does what it's set out too. I would consider buying this product and recommending it to others. It gave me peace of mind that I could take my eyes off the baby for a short period of time.

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Creative Casting 3D Starter Kit (8 castings)

1 - In The Nursery

 This kit includes all the materials to complete up to 8 complete casts of a baby up to 1 year old, 3/4 older child cast or 1/2 adult hand casts. Included are instructions, casting accessories, bronze, silver & gold paint as well as a paintbrush! Plinth additional £5.50.

A perfect way to remember those first precious months with a new baby.  Great product, nice idea and well presented.

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Curious Caterpillar Infant Rocker

1 - In The Nursery

  • Fun apple-shaped seat with pearlescent bite mark
  • Softly padded integral seat provides substantial support and comfort for the youngest rider
  • Caterpillar rattle toy fits snugly inside a hole in the apple, and can be played with separately
  • Fun rear storage space is revealed when the back flap is opened
  • Crinkle fabric, squeaker and chime inside the antennae
  • Quality velour and satin fabrics with embroidery details
  • Sturdy wooden frame with detachable footplates
  • Seat Height: 27cm

    Assembled Dimensions (cm): 64(l)x35(w)x50(h), Presented in beautiful gift packaging


  • My daughters have both enjoyed playing on it and are continuing to and I am very pleased with it. Thank You! 

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    Cushy Closer Door Cushions

    1 - In The Nursery

    Our Cushy Closer Door Cushions are handmade with quality materials, inside and out, and are designed to be long-lasting and hold their shape for a truly quiet door.  Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Pattern placement and elastic color may vary.The Cushy Closer Door CushionAllows a quiet entry and exit while checking on sleeping children [without turning the knob/handle]Helps prevent children, adults and pets from accidentally locking themselves in or out [bathrooms, bedrooms, house, etc.]Snug fit helps muffle door sounds [slamming, rattling, closing] while allowing the door to close completely and quietly. Makes a unique yet practical baby shower gift.

    Great for all ages of children to stop them accidently being locked in a room or to prevent waking a young baby. It is a quality product with an amazing choice of designs. This would make a perfect gift and is a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it.

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    Cuski Miniboo

    1 - In The Nursery

    Shortlisted down to 5 nationally in Child Health with the RCNI awards 2016 *Best Practice Initiative by Unicef Baby Friendly International Conference 2015, taking neonatal care to the next level.Gold Award winning ~ Miniboo and parental bonding As featured in Mail on Sunday 2016 June Primarily our tiny Miniboos are being used with babies who are born too soon. They are part of the developmental care programme on the NICU or SCBU in UK hospitals. When babies are in the incubators, and poorly, it is advised not to over handle. This means mummies and daddies cannot always have those precious cuddles that help with the important parent/baby bonding process. This is where Miniboo & Cuskiboos come in.. Mummy keeps Miniboo on her person to pick up all those lovely mummy smells and then places it next to baby in the incubator, baby can smell mummy and keep swapping the 2 Miniboos so mummy can smell baby too, which in turn, if breast feeding, will help the milk flow. Research from midwives have also noted Miniboo has helped lower baby's blood pressure. Can also be used with twins that have been separated.Our NHS protocol is available to view here : Made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre, anti-bacterial properties.Washable at 30 degrees Dimensions: length 19.5 cm Adheres to all safety regulations required Ideal gift for premature baby, includes birth card photo frame in gift box.Please note, in most units plush toys are NOT allowed in incubators, Miniboos and Cuskiboos ARE allowed.* We recommmend to use Miniboo from prem up to 3 months old, after this time it is advisable to graduate onto our normal sized Cuskis, unless you are using them for weaning off big Cuski at nursery or reception.

    Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2017 

    Lovely product very good idea for babies comfort especially nice for those who can't take babies home straight away. However I would like to see a double pack.

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    1 - In The Nursery

    Cuskiboo is a calming, safe and a healthy alternative to other infant comforters or sleeping aids.The most amazing find midwives discovered during tests with new born babies, was because of the extra absorbency Cuskiboo holds, and in those early days when mummy/baby scents are so crucial, she not only carries mummy's scents to baby but carries baby's scent to mummy, so this is ultimately beneficial for mummy/baby bonding andalso helps to bring on mummy's milk flow, thus helping to make breast feeding easier.Cuskiboo is a truly amazing comforter and it is always best to have 2 during the early days especially if planning to breast feed, one with baby one with mummy and keep swapping...It is machine washable and retains its comforting softness, wash after wash.Suitable from birth Cuskiboo has all the qualities a child looks for in a comforter, softness, suckability, sheer lovability and of a course a label to twiddle but unlike a traditional blanket it can be easily replaced if lost or damaged. Bamboo Cuskiboo is made lovingly from a special bamboo yarn which has many wonderful properties. It is ultra absorbent, anti-bacterial, and importantly eco-friendly.

    I always had trouble with my son sleeping all night by himself without waking for cuddles in the night. I tried this product with doubt it changing anything. After just 24 hours of using it he slept through at night and has done so every night since. He loves to suck on the Cuski and we take it everywhere we go now. 

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    Dimplex DXPUR80 Pur8ty Air Purifier

    1 - In The Nursery

    This great FiltreteTM air purifier features electrostatically charged filters that are specially designed to capture airborne allergens. Featuring removable filters that are easy to replace, this is a handy and convenient addition to your home to help provide a cleaner environment for you and your family. Suitable for room size up to 28m².2 speed settings. Filter included. CADR rating smoke 80.CADR rating pollen 90.CADR rating dust 78.Size H22, W24cm. EAN: 5011139047342.  

    Great product, works just as good as the more expensive products on the market.                 

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    Dream 'n Play Travel Cot

    1 - In The Nursery

    Dream 'n Play Travel Cot 60x120cm - Includes mattress and bag with carrier. no assembly. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Folds up small . Weight 11kg. For local stockist click onto

    I am really impressed with this travel cot. High quality, easy to use and superb value for money.

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    Dream n Care Babynest

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Hauck Fun For Kids Dream n Care Babynest is a compact travel cot (89cm x 51cm) for when space is at a premium. Suitable from birth to 6 months this cot has a raised mattress to make it easier on your back and giving you useful storage space underneath, ideal for bedding towels and nappies. Wheels at one end make it easily manoeuvrable and the sides have attached storage pockets. Folds easily into its own travel bag.  For local stockist click onto

    Great compact and useful portacot, excellent size, comfortable and great for storage.

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    Dycem Tortoise/Hippo Play Mat

    1 - In The Nursery

    Dycem mats provide a secure surface that anchors items effectively in place. Dycem mats are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

    To stabilize objects
    To hold objects firmly in place
    To provide a better grip

    We use it mainly for mealtimes but have used it for colouring and to practise Daisy’s writing

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    Easidream® Ewan the Sheep Nightlight/soother

    1 - In The Nursery

    We went to great lengths to make sure that we used the best possible sounds in our dream sheep to accompany the movement in the soothing system. The actual womb sounds and heartbeat of a pregnant mum were recorded by the team. These sounds were then combined with household, musical and natural sounds at low bass frequencies of 125hz to produce ‘pink noise.’ This is the type of noise that babies predominantly hear when in the womb, which is why it is so effective. There is a soothing pink glow emitted from ewan…. research has shown that babies are comforted by certain aspects of the womb, so a pink ambient glow was the natural choice for our dream sheep’s tummy.

    Forget counting sheep when all you need is one, Ewan the dream sheep

    Read details and customer reviews for “Easidream® Ewan the Sheep Nightlight/soother”

    East Coast Grow Blanket

    1 - In The Nursery

    An innovative bedding product that promotes safe sleeping in the feet to foot position for babies and toddlers. The Grow Blanket is placed in the feet to foot position, tucked underneath the mattress when baby is young and pulled up the mattress and repositioned as baby grows. Suitable from birth to 24 months +

    I Really like the design of been able to use it from an early age and then also as child grows gives real value for money!

    Read details and customer reviews for “East Coast Grow Blanket”


    1 - In The Nursery

    Sprinkle some magic on your decor with this beautiful moonlit silhouette fairy wall sticker with added stars.  Simply cut out the stars and be creative as you like arranging them !  Girls of all ages love fairy wall stickers and this design will complement their bedroom or playroom perfectly !  As we use wall art specific semi-permanent adhesive vinyl you can be assured of a a quality, easy to apply and removal wall art sticker.Actual sizes for moon with fairy magic (excluding stars):

    Small: 45.5cm wide (18") x 50cm high (19.7")(You will also receive 10 stars @ 3.9cm x 3.7cm and 15 stars @ 2.3cm x 2.2cm to place across your wall)
    Large: 59cm wide (23.2") x 65.2cm high (25.7")(You will also receive 10 stars @ 5cm x 4.7cm and 15 stars @ 3cm x 2.8cm to place across your wall)

    Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2016 Wall Sticker- Decal Category 

    It arrived promptly and it was very well packaged. Easy to apply to the wall and it looks amazing. It gave a completely fresh new look to my daughter's room. I have already recommended it to my friends. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “FAIRY WALL STICKER DECAL”

    Faye & Lou's Cozio X-Large

    1 - In The Nursery

    Cozios are extra large muslin squares made from luxuriously soft, highly absorbent muslin. They are made of 100% cotton and each pack contains 3 brightly coloured extra large muslins.Size 90cm x 90cm.
    Machine washable at 40c.They are perfect for:Swaddling your babyBurp clothSheetPlay MatChanging matTowelLight-Weight BlanketLining your pushchairAnd much more…Cozios can work like magic in calming a fussy, tired or over-stimulated baby. The simple act of swaddling your baby in a muslin can help your baby to sleep for longer by helping to create the safe and snug environment of the womb. Swaddled babies are found to be more restful sleepers which is a real benefit to the development of a newborn baby as sleep is so crucial to brain development. After years of experience swaddling newborns to 3 months, we feel that Cozios are the perfect size for swaddling, if they were any bigger they could swamp a newborn and too much fabric could lead to over heating.

    I was a little wary of what I was going to use the cloths for where I first received them but since then I have used them every little boy loves to just cuddle them and play peekaboo with them too!! A very good idea to make them slightly larger than the normal ones as they just are not big enough sometimes. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Faye & Lou's Cozio X-Large ”

    Floppeze Nursing Pillow

    1 - In The Nursery

    Floppeze Nursing Pillows are uniquely designed and will appeal to your baby, infant or toddler.  It has multiple uses throughout the developing years.  Ideal for - Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Burping, Laying, Sitting Support, Travelling/Booster, Sleeping & Convalescing/Lap.

    This pillow is a must for all mums - whether feeding by breast or bottle, whether their child is a baby, a toddler or older.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Floppeze Nursing Pillow”

    Fun To See Precious Planet Room Room Makeover Kit

    1 - In The Nursery

    Precious Planet Room
    Fisher-Price™ Precious Planet Room Makeover Kit
    Bring a room to life, with 60 peel and stick wall decorations. Each pack contains creatures from every corner of our precious planet.
    • Speedy, fun and easy
    • No glue, no mess
    • Removable and re-stickable
    • Great on furniture too!

    They are an easy way to transform a room without the hassle of wallpaper.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Fun To See Precious Planet Room Room Makeover Kit ”

    Fun To See Princess Room Makeover Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Step into Princess Sweetheart’s magical kingdom and transform a girl’s room into a fairy tale garden with 66 adorable wall stickers - full of hearts and happiness. Complements other princess bedding and accessories.

    A great way to instantly transform a room quickly.

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    Fun To See Tatty Teddy 'Large Bear' Themed Room Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    30 Tatty Teddy 'Large Bear' Themed Room Stickers
    Decorate walls and furntiure with these 2 sheets of huge, huggable Tatty Teddy stickers. Peel each repositionable sticker from the sheet and create a welcoming room for your baby or young child.
    • Stickers up to 39cm tall
    • Complements Tatty Teddy bedding
    • Repositionable and cleanly removable

    My daughter's room lacked kid decorations and she is now at an age when she enjoys bright pictures and pretty things in general. It really changed the room and gave it that much needed feeling of a kid room.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Fun To See Tatty Teddy 'Large Bear' Themed Room Stickers”

    Fun To See Tatty Teddy ‘Celebration’ Themed Room Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Tatty Teddy 'Celebration'
    18 Tatty Teddy 'Celebration' Room Stickers
    Decorate walls and furniture with lovable Tatty Teddy room stickers. 'Celebration' collection includes 2 different sheets of removable stickers. One sheet filled with our Tatty Teddy 'Love' designs and another packed with 'Tea Party' stickers.
    • So easy to apply
    • Removable and Re-stickable

     Lovely product, pretty designs perfect for a little girl's room, easy to apply and look great once finished.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Fun To See Tatty Teddy ‘Celebration’ Themed Room Stickers ”

    FunToSee - Bunting Room Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Bunting Room Stickers
    Peel, stick and decorate with beautiful re-stickable bunting. Use to decorate your walls and add the perfect finishing touch to a baby’s nursery, child’s bedroom or party room. 3.5 metres of bunting in a pack - 8 flags per metre. Link up the bunting to create one long strip or cut to your desired length.
    Very easy to use - apply to walls and furniture. Each pack contains 2 giant sheets filled with repositionable room stickers. Each sheet size is 360mm x 465mm. Peel, Stick and Smile...

    Fun and easy to use and loved by little girls

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee - Bunting Room Stickers”

    FunToSee - Stick A Frame

    1 - In The Nursery

    Peel… Stick… Frame!
    6 Fantastic re-stickable frames for pictures, paintings, photographs and more. Re-stickable, repositionable and cleanly removable.

    Good value for money and will not ruin anything as can easily remove sticker - Ideal gift idea.

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee - Stick A Frame ”

    FunToSee Mini Wall Art Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Simply peel, stick and smile!
    These adorable designs are the simplest way to create beautiful feature walls or simply to add a tasteful touch of colour and fun around a nursery or child’s bedroom. The possibilities are up to your imagination!

    A great product which gives a child and parent a fun instant project to complete together – An ideal way to organise a room makeover!. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee Mini Wall Art Stickers”

    FunToSee Alphabet Room Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Decorate walls and furniture tastefully with 26 giant alphabet room stickers. Create an alphabet border or a feature wall. A-Z 26 alphabet letters in a pack. Fun patterns and a subtle colours. Mix and match letters to create names and words. Each pack contains 2 giant sheets filled with repositionable room stickers. Each sheet size is 360mm wide x 465mm.

    Bright, fun and great way of encouraging learning.

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee Alphabet Room Stickers”

    FunToSee Rainforest Room Makeover Kit

    1 - In The Nursery

    Our Sticker Kits are easy to apply, removable, re-stickable, creative and inspirational
    Bring a room to life with these amazing room decorations. Just peel and position each giant sticker wherever you like to create your own fantastic themed room. Change the look whenever you like - quickly, easily and without mess!

    These stickers have given a boost of colour and excitement to a previously plain bedroom, great, easy and quick transformation.

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee Rainforest Room Makeover Kit”

    FunToSee Room Makeover Kit

    1 - In The Nursery

    Our Sticker Kits are easy to apply, removable, re-stickable, creative and inspirational
    Bring a room to life with these amazing room decorations. Just peel and position each giant sticker wherever you like to create your own fantastic themed room. Change the look whenever you like - quickly, easily and without mess!

    Changing a bedroom will excite your child especially when they love movie cars and this room make-over kit is great.

    Read details and customer reviews for “FunToSee Room Makeover Kit”

    Graco Digital Baby Scales

    1 - In The Nursery

    Accurately measures your baby’s weight and length to keep track of her growth at home. This scales features a large, smooth, contoured platform so your baby can lie comfortably ans safely while being weighted.

    It is excellent quality sturdy and practical.  A great idea for busy mums to provide reassurance.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Graco Digital Baby Scales”

    Graco Pack n Play Sport

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Graco Pack n Play Sport is a truly innovative play pen for indoor or outdoor use - a fun place for your child to play and total peace of mind for you. It's UV resistant, lockable, has a lightweight aluminium frame and waterproof floor (perfect for our British summers!) and it pops up and down in seconds.
    A portable UV resistant playpen
    Removable sun canopy
    Hexagonal, all-season aluminium frame
    Water-resistant floor and airy mesh sides
    Lockable hatch to keep a younger child safe
    Hatch can be left unlocked for older children – making a great playhouse for years to come
    It's so versatile; it can be used indoors on rainy days too
    Easy to use: pops up in a matter of seconds
    Portable: folds down easily into its own neat stuff sack
    Ultra lightweight (less than 6kg)
    Easy to clean and store

    Weight and Size:
    Open: 70cm (h) x 100cm (w) x 100cm (l)
    Folded: 72cm x 30cm x 30cm
    Weight: 5.4kg

    I was really pleased with it and have found it very useful in a small flat with twins on the move it helps our sanity.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Graco Pack n Play Sport”

    Graco Sweetpeace

    1 - In The Nursery

    Ease of use(click to open) Flexibility: can be used as a stand along rocker. Elevation position allows baby to be part of the family. Can be powered by plug cord. Multi dimentionnal soothing motions inspired by parents. Relaxing materials & colours. Translucent & adjustable canopy. Includes the Swaddle Blanket to help baby feel snug and safe. Tray with mirror toy, mixn move caps and teether. Unique audio experience with mp3 plug-in connection.

    The Graco Sweetpeace is a fantastic multipurpose rocker that we have thoroughly enjoyed using as a family and worth every penny.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Graco Sweetpeace”

    Gro Anywhere Blind

    1 - In The Nursery

    Gro Anywhere Blind - Designed with travel and versatility in mind. Blind is made of a lightweight, light-proof material which adjusts to any shaped window up to a maximum size of 130 x 200cm. If a larger window needs to be covered you could use multiple blinds. Fits directly to the glass it will fit almost any style of window and gives the closest possible fit to block out the daylight. Gro Anywhere Blind now even easier - suckers - that hold the blind on the window- are now permanently attached to the fabric, meaning that parents can use the Gro Anywhere Blind straight out of the box and don’t have to worry about losing any suckers on their travels.

    Nicely presented and fast to put up giving your baby a dark room to sleep in when on holiday or visiting other peoples houses

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    1 - In The Nursery

    Gro-Clock. A glowing screen shows images of moon and sun to communicate ‘sleep’ and ‘wakeup’ time. Includes fun bedtime story book. Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time.
    Key-lock option. Adjustable screen brightness. Silent operation. Optional digital clock and audible alarm feature. Mains powered (adapter included).Suitable from 2 years.

    I feel you would get huge success with this clock if you have a child who does wake very early.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Gro-Clock”


    1 - In The Nursery

    grobag® baby sleeping bags come in a variety of soft fabrics. They are available in woven cotton, organic cotton, soft cotton jersey and luxurious velour.

  • 100% cotton on 0.5 tog and 2.5 tog
  • 100% cotton outer and 100% cotton woven flannel lining on 1.0 tog
  • Size 0-6 months has shoulder and underarm poppers
  • A fantastic idea, prevents covers being kicked off and makes baby feel secure..a great buy!. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Grobag”

    Hippo string Lights

    1 - In The Nursery

    Ten lovely, translucent hippos in cool blue.

    Voltage: extra-low voltage. Bulb(s):  integrated LEDs, not replaceable. Size:  1.8m (6') + 5m (16'4

    A very nice good quality product which will stand the test of time.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Hippo string Lights”


    1 - In The Nursery

    HomePlates are injection moulded, made of sturdy ABS plastic, and safety certified to meet all British Electrical Standards (BS 5733 Amd 1) even though they never touch any portion of the electrics.   HomePlates are not those flimsy stickers or "stick-ons" held on with sticky tape. Affordable and unique, HomePlates are an extremely popular home decorating accessory as well as a fun gift. At holiday time, they are terrific Stocking Fillers. The HomePlates Collection features both original and licensed images with over 200 designs from which to choose.  From classic to contemporary, HomePlates adds the perfect "finishing touch" to any room. 

    There are so many designs which mean that every room or person is catered for. It’s so easy to fit and you don’t have to remove the existing plate either, genius.

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    Homeplates For Boys

    1 - In The Nursery

    HomePlates are injection moulded, made of sturdy ABS plastic, and safety certified to meet all British Electrical Standards (BS 5733 Amd 1) even though they never touch any portion of the electrics.   HomePlates are not those flimsy stickers or "stick-ons" held on with sticky tape. Affordable and unique, HomePlates are an extremely popular home decorating accessory as well as a fun gift. At holiday time, they are terrific Stocking Fillers. The HomePlates Collection features both original and licensed images with over 200 designs from which to choose.  From classic to contemporary, HomePlates adds the perfect "finishing touch" to any room. 

    it’s a really fun idea that brightens up any room.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Homeplates For Boys ”

    Illuminated Canvas

    1 - In The Nursery

    Illuminated Canvas was set up by Rhian and Jez Kicks after a fruitless search for a nightlight to soothe their young daughter.They have now won 4 national Awards, sell into boutique gift shops up and down the county, on websites such as Not on the High Street and All whilst juggling their young family - the latest of whom arrived in September 2013. So what IS an Illuminated Canvas?They are a unique and innovative twist on wall art. Every picture has LED lights incorporated to highlight the illustration and illuminate the canvas. They are such a fun and flirty addition to any home. They are so easy to use with the on/off switch on the right hand side of the frame. You can choose designs from our range, (anything from typography messages of Love, to Pirate ships, to Butterflies,) or we can use your precious photographs or artwork to bring to life with lights. All images are hand stretched, over a sturdy wooden frame. 20 Warm white fairy lights are then popped through the canvas creating a magical 3D effect.  Illuminated Canvas are designed and loved in Britain (and increasingly all over the world too!) Our range is constantly expanding and changing.

    We love this canvas and it takes pride of place in the girl’s room and I can’ wait to get some more. What a wonderful idea for wall art, it’s something different and adds extra sparkle and magic to a child’s bedroom or playroom. My twins are fascinated by it and when the lights come on they know its bedtime. It calms he room and looks beautiful. Impressed with the quality and design and I will be buying some more. 

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    Kids Toy Storage Hamper / Bin - by Lovably Me

    1 - In The Nursery

    We love toy storage hampers! Easy to fill up with toys without having to open and shut lids - safer for little fingers - to keep a room tidy, quickly. They flatten when not in use and are gorgeous, bright and happy designs that make these great boys room ideas and an accessory as well as being useful! This toy storage hamper is 50cm height x 45 cm wide - room for lots of toys!The Fire Engine hamper goes perfectly with our Fire Engine canvases and bedding to beautifully decorate your little ones bedroom or play room quickly and with the minimum of mess. Perfect! 

    These are available in Elephant, Lion, Mushroom and Spaceman 

    My boys enjoyed un-wrapping it and loved the fire engine design. It is beautifully made; sturdy with large handles for moving. A total hit with the kids and me. It matched our décor beautifully. I would recommend this.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Kids Toy Storage Hamper / Bin - by Lovably Me ”

    KUB Eco Cotbed

    1 - In The Nursery


    • Available as a cot or cotbed
    • Straight-edge design
    • Solid pine in whitewash finish
    • Three position bed base

    Caroline seemed to sleep so much better in this than what she did when in her crib

    Read details and customer reviews for “KUB Eco Cotbed”

    Lamaze Pyramid Playhouse Gym

    1 - In The Nursery

    Lamaze Play House Gym transforms with each stage of baby's development providing more ways to play. You can customise the play experience for a variety of developmental phases..from newborn and tummy time to sitting up and imaginative play. 0m+ stage 1 tummy time and lay & play -Tummy Time mirror for self-discovery - Cushioned play mat quickly folds to create an engaging environment with soft side walls. 6m+ stage 2 sit & play - Double-sided mat for twice the playtime fun - Rattle, crinkle, and squeaky soft shapes make learning colours and shapes fun. 9m+ stage 3 peek-a-boo & matching games! - Peek-a-boo play, see the happy family - Cute boy and girl dolls promote imaginative role play - Lights & music are perfect for visual tracking. Twomusic modes: baby-activated or continuous play - Attach to a stroller bar for on-the-go fun. Named one of the Best Toys of the Year in the November, 2009 issue of Parents magazine, a U.S. publication

    Overall, it’s a brilliantly fun product with great accessories, including different modes of play.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Lamaze Pyramid Playhouse Gym ”

    Lights out Blinds

    1 - In The Nursery

    Why choose Lights Out?

    -  Lightweight and portable, use at home or away

    -  Allows window to be open whilst in use – no need to shut the window on hot summer nights

    -  Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window

    -  No size adjustment necessary 

    -  Put up / Take down in seconds. Lightweight zipped cover provided

    -  Sticks to the middle of the window so no need to reach the top of the window

    -  The cord and extension rod allows flexibility for use with recessed windows 

    Who needs Lights Out?

    -  They keep bedrooms dark and your chidren asleep for longer, especially in the summer months

        when the sun rises early and sets late.

    -  They can help maintain your child's sleep routine on holiday

    -  Shiftworkers or anyone else needing to sleep during the day

    -  Partially shading conservatories

    -  Just moved house and have not put curtains up yet

    -  Living in temporary/rented accommodation where the curtains are not dark enough

    -  Creating a peaceful mood/sensory room for baby, or in hospital/hospice etc.

    -  Darkening a media room so the projector/television can be seen properly

    They got Flo to sleep quicker which meant that Poppy could fall asleep in her own bed. Plus they were so much cheaper than the curtains I had been quoted for!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Lights out Blinds ”

    Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion

    1 - In The Nursery

    This versatile nursing cushion can also be used as a support for baby while seated or during Tummy-Time play. Comes with two separate activity toys that can be attached to the cushion to engage baby.
    Suitable from Birth.

    It is amazing. It is a fantastic product and we loved it and if we have more children we will definitely buy more. It's a great idea and makes them last longer with the toys as you get more use! I would highly recommend it.    

    Read details and customer reviews for “Little Bird Told Me 3 in 1 Nursing Cushion”

    Little Sanz Blanket

    1 - In The Nursery

    Let Sleepyhead introduce you to the ultimate sleep aid; the ingenious Sleepyhead Weighted baby blanket, a sensory sleep aid for restless babies. 

    The blanket really has helped no end. I only wish I’d had this sooner!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Little Sanz Blanket ”

    Luvion Timer

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Luvion Itzbeen Baby Care Digital Timer Pink allows you to learn your baby's natural rhythms by letting you know when you last changed your baby's nappy, last time you fed your baby, what time you baby awoke or fell asleep.

    But using it did make things a tiny bit easier; it jogged my memory of the last time I fed William

    Read details and customer reviews for “Luvion Timer ”

    Melvin Monkey Bean Bag

    1 - In The Nursery

    Melvin Monkey Bean Bag
    He's a cheeky chappie!
    All beanies are high quality and handmade in the UK.
    The inner bag of beans is removable so the outer cover can be machine washed at 40 Degrees.
    The zip is inverted for extra safety and to keep little fingers out!
    Not suitable for children under 3yrs of age
    Available in Small, Medium or Large size:
    Small: Height 25cm, Width 35cm
    Medium: Height 35cm, Width 45cm
    Large: Height 40cm, Width 65cm

    Bean Bags can be personalised

    I think it’s good value for money but maybe it’s a little too high for what some families could afford. After testing I would definitely consider buying it and also recommending it!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Melvin Monkey Bean Bag”

    Minene Portable Activity Mat

    1 - In The Nursery

    This colourful, padded, portable activity mat with bag is the essential accessory for picnics and daytrips this spring/summer. The surface of the blanket is made from 100% cotton canvas and comes with two toys attached. The underside is made from water resistant polyurethane, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

    I would recommend this to others in fact I already have done and they were very impressed! It's an excellent play mat, which we thoroughly enjoyed using and will do so for many years.      

    Read details and customer reviews for “Minene Portable Activity Mat ”

    Miniline Flower Mobile

    1 - In The Nursery

    This illuminated mobile features beautiful flowers.Attractive during the day, it really comes into its own in the dark.  Loved by babies, children and adults alike! Made from transparent acrylic with LEDs, this mobile stimulates and comforts the baby with gentle, soothing lights and motion.


    I love having this product in my home. It has been a fantastic experience using this mobile.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Miniline Flower Mobile”


    1 - In The Nursery

    Mumlin is simple but brilliant, a ‘u’ shaped piece of soft, absorbent cotton in a range of signature prints that sits over both shoulders to protect your clothes while burping baby. It has been ergonomically designed to ensure it is comfortable to wear and stays in place.Mumlin can be worn over the front or back depending on how you hold, feed, burp and wind baby. It is just the right size to protect shoulders, back and décolletage and can also be used as a bib on baby.    

    Good product washes well and is good quality. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Mumlin ”

    Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

    1 - In The Nursery

    The design team at Munchkin have created the Nappy Disposal System specifically with mum in mind. Bags are easy to load and disposing of dirty nappies is quick and easy. The patented
    self-sealing system tightly seals the bag and locks odours away, while the baking soda cartridge safely absorbs odours and dispenses natural baking soda each time the lid is closed. A full bag is easy to snap, seal and throw away. The system comes fully assembled and includes 3 Nappy Disposal Refill Bags. The odour-eliminating power of baking soda combined with this clever and easy-to-use design make the Nappy Disposal System  by Munchkin® the perfect solution for today's busy parents. Easy from start to finish – one handed use - Odour Lock™ sealing system - patented self sealing system automatically seals bag when lid is closed - Snap Seal™ Technology - snap, seal and throw bags. No cutting/tying required - Hygiene Vent™ Odour Control - dispenses odour eliminating baking soda to continually absorb odour after every use -Comes fully assembled and with 3 bag refills

    Overall it contains odours, better than our other nappy disposal system – Excellent for the nursery.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Munchkin Nappy Disposal System”

    Muslin Cloths

    1 - In The Nursery

    A great range of large, patterned muslin cloths for you and your baby. Looking for a gift for someone expecting a baby soon? Our baby muslin cloths are unique in the UK and make the perfect present for parents with a newborn. If you’re tired of plain, dull muslin squares that get easily mixed up with those of your friends, why not treat yourself to a pack of brightly coloured, patterned muslin squares? If you need something a bit bigger than normal, perhaps to use as a wrap, try ordering a pack from our Giant Muslins range.
    Each set of Muslin Cloths come in a set of 3.
    Sizes Available - Small Muslin Cloths - Regular Muslin Cloths - Giant Muslin Wraps
    Giant (120x120cm) - Regular (66x66cm) - Small (30x30cm)

    They are excellent. These bright muslins are good looking, tough, surprisingly versatile and good value for money and Iam sure they will be used for a long time to come.    

    Read details and customer reviews for “Muslin Cloths ”

    Nappy Stacker

    1 - In The Nursery

    Nappy Stacker. Beautifully designed bag with easy front access in the appliquéd white cotton canvas with a clean green edging and top hanger. Dimensions 31cm x 55cm x 15cm  Also available in other unique designs.

    The stacker made getting new, clean nappies out easier and quicker. It is very good value for money.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Nappy Stacker ”

    Poddle Pod

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Poddle Pod provides parents with a portable spot for baby. The pod can easily be moved around the house or taken with, when visiting friends or family. And since the pod feels and smells like home, baby will be happy and content no matter where they are!
    The Poddle Pod is great for: Napping , Tummy Time, Photography, Lounging, Infant Massage, Twins/Multiples, Sponge Baths, Co-sleeping, Getting baby dressed and visiting friends/family
    The Poddle Pod was designed to meet a newborns need to feel secure and a mother’s need to know her baby is safe and comfortable. When a baby is laid in the pod, the sides gently pull in to hug them, making them feel as if they are still being held or touched. This comforts the baby and ultimately makes them more content when parents need to lay them down.
    This design also helps prevent the baby from rolling or turning, easing your mind and giving you the confidence to take care of yourself.
    The Poddle Pod features a non-padded centre Pod. When a baby is laid on top of this area, the sides walls of the pod will gently pull in to snuggle the baby. This gives them the sensation of being held or touched, allowing them to feel secure even after they are laid down.
    The Poddle Pod provides a comforting and familiar hug that helps babies stay content, reducing the startle reflex and creates a cosy space that minimizes that reflexive movement that often wakes new babies. This allows babies to get the rest they need during this very critical developmental period.


    Overall, I think it is a great product. This is definitely a useful product, in particular it really made our life easier while moving house and the fact that it is so convenient to transport makes much better to take to friends/family than a bouncy seat.                 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Poddle Pod ”

    Prince Lionheart Reversible Playmat

    1 - In The Nursery

    Play, learn, protect and engage with our colorfully illustrated double-sided playMAT! Finally, a well-designed play mat that lasts through the developmental stages of your child! Our play mats have been designed to cushion and delight babies during tummy time, entertain toddlers for play time, and encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore. Search for the hidden characters, count the creatures, sound out letters, or master the road rules: the only limit is their imagination!• Water-resistant, wipes clean.
    • Non-toxic.
    • 5.8FT x 6.5FT

    I think this is an amazing product and I have found little to comment negatively about. The size is a plus- despite it not fitting in my living room! I could see the product used in nurseries or play groups.             

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    Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear

    1 - In The Nursery

    Actual sounds recorded INSIDE a mother’s womb lull baby to sleep in minutes!
    Since 1978, the Original Slumber Bear® / Tummy Sleep’s® authentic womb sounds have been helping millions of newborns sleep in maternity hospitals and homes worldwide!  The best just got better!  In addition to the womb sounds that will continue to lull babies to sleep, the Plus’ additional sound features can be enjoyed from 0-5 years!  Sound box has a 5 minute timer to save on batteries, with sound and motion sensors that reactivate recording when Baby cries or the sound box is moved.  Each bear comes with Silkie™, the natural bonding aid that retains parents’ scent and reassures Baby of their presence.  No. 1 Sales Worlwide!  Requires 4 AAA batteries. New recordable function allows parents to create their own soothing message for Baby. Helps promote parent/baby bonding!

    The slumber bear helped me lull my 'sleep fighting' baby to sleep with womb sounds and white noise.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear ”

    Sassy Crib & Floor Mirror

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror is suitable for use from birth and helps your baby develop his visual skills through the large Tru-Reflection™mirror.Babies love mirrors, it helps their fast developing visual skills and the bold ladybird attached to the Sassy mirror amaze and amuse whether free standing on the floor using the easel back or safely attached to the cot rails with the Velcro straps. The soft frame makes the mirror ideal for your baby’s environment and the rotating and clicking bee and spinning ball will both engage the ever growing curiosity that babies enjoy. All Sassy Toys are paint free, BPA free and phthalate free and are designed to help provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning by fostering development and stimulating the brain.


    It's a lovely big mirror which babies love to look at themselves with. Bright colours and different textures add to your babies enjoyment and development.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Sassy Crib & Floor Mirror ”

    Shnuggle Moses Basket

    1 - In The Nursery

    The award-winning Shnuggle Modern Moses Basket captures everything you like about traditional Moses baskets along with some improvements you'll absolutely love.  Made from a super-strong, hypoallergenic and easy to clean material it's so much safer for your baby. It's almost silent when baby moves around, helping your baby to stay fast asleep. A clever locking system means the hood actually stays up. All Shnuggle baskets come complete with a special hypoallergenic mattress.With beautiful 100% pure cotton fabrics, it's a warm and cosy place for your baby to begin life in the outside world.  It isn't made from wicker or palm leaves like most Moses baskets, but rather a super strong moulded shell, which is fully ventilated, hygienic, hypoallergenic and far stronger.It's about 10% larger than other baskets, so it can be used for longer. When the baby is ready to move into a cot, the Shnuggle basket can be safely stored and re-used next time!

    Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2010/11 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2014/15

    When it arrived (on a Sunday via amazon may I add so a lovely surprise) it was well packaged, bagged and boxed. When I first saw the product it just looks gorgeous, I have a standard white rocking stand which it fit in no problem and together look very modern in my room, which I love. The mattress is nice and springy and baby always slept well when in it. The waffle trim, hood and cover I love, matches really well, only issue is the cover is more for "finishing the look” rather than practical as unable to tuck baby in with it, but easily resolved using own bedding. The hood actually stays up! Which my traditional basket never does no matter how hard I try. Trim easy to remove to wash which I have had to do due to baby reflux. I really cannot fault this product and have already recommended it to friends, I’ve also had a lot of compliments about it too.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Shnuggle Moses Basket”

    Sleepytot Baby Comforter

    1 - In The Nursery

    From birth, the Sleepytot Baby Comforter is perfect to cuddle between parent and baby when feeding. From 3 months onwards, pop a baby dummy, teether or small blankie between Sleepytot's paws and your baby will love exploring the items on the baby comforter. Attach Sleepytot to your baby's car seat or buggy strap. For an older baby, Sleepytot can provide security at  bedtime too.

    The Sleepytot is lightweight, washable, practical and useful in relation to fastening items to the arms/feet. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Sleepytot Baby Comforter”


    1 - In The Nursery

    Just like being in mummy's arms.
    The horseshoe cushion allows children to find their balance when they begin to sit up. Babies feel secure when surrounded by the cushion. They can see their surroundings from various viewpoints and their position leads to a sense of body awareness. Free to move, they can therefore handle all sorts of objects.
    Technical data
    Dimensions : Ext.: : D: 37 cm - W: 42 cm - th: 11 cm.Int. : D: 14 cm - W: 18 cm.Made from : 65 % POLYESTER, 35 % COTTON, fabric filled with POLYESTER fibres.Color : Choice of colours : RED/ORANGE - BLUE/LIGHT BLUE - DARK GREEN/LIGHT GREEN

     The pillow helped settle himas it created the snugness of mummy's arms.

    Read details and customer reviews for “SMALL HORSESHOE CUSHION Tri coloured”

    Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming Baby Comforter

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Snoozebaby comforter is sure to be a favourite with baby. Snoozebaby comforters are made from the very softest of velour fabrics and backed with a printed cotton jersey. Labels are attached on all sides and are of varied sizes and materials - satin, silk and velvet for example. The comforter should be washed at 30'C and has been tested to EN71.  

     For the money the fact that it encouraged and helped him to self sooth it was definitely good value.    

    Read details and customer reviews for “Snoozebaby Sweet Dreaming Baby Comforter”

    Stickerscape Personalised Wall Sticker

    1 - In The Nursery

    Our super-cute giraffe and Elephant wall sticker pack, complete with personalised balloon, sun and clouds would be the perfect addition to any baby’s nursery, child's bedroom or playroom. Simply add the text that you would like your balloon personalised with (maximum 2 lines, 10 characters per line), and after placing your order we'll send you a proof of your personalised design to make sure you're happy. The giraffe/elephant sets, balloon, grass, sun, clouds and butterfly are all provided as separate wall stickers, enabling you to position them exactly as you choose to create a scene that’s perfect for your space. Stickerscape’s wall stickers are made in the UK from the highest quality, ultra-thin vinyl. Each sticker can be quickly and easily applied to walls, doors, windows or any other smooth flat surface, with full application guidelines included. The stickers are also easily and cleanly removable from normal painted walls (note that wall stickers are designed to work most effectively on normal matt emulsion painted walls – if you have a different paint finish and would like advice on suitability, please get in touch before purchase). Sticker sizes (approximate) Regular sticker pack: Giraffe, balloon and grass sticker – 27 x 34cm, total scene as shown – 47 x 44cmLarge sticker pack: Giraffe, balloon and grass– 54 x 68cm, total scene as shown – 94 x 88cm Extra large sticker pack: Giraffe, balloon and grass sticker – 108 x 136cm, total scene as shown – 188 x 176cmCopyright. Design by Dotty Lottie courtesy of Bright Art licensing. 

    Would definitely recommend and will be buying as gifts myself. Great product – will make any baby room stand out.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Stickerscape Personalised Wall Sticker”

    Sunbuster Blackout Blinds

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Sunbuster blind was designed by a mother and father of three children who had first hand experience of sleepless nights and the problems associated with traditional roller blinds.
    So what's so great about the Sunbuster blind? Well it's designed with unrivalled safety, blackout coverage and energy efficiency in mind, it's the perfect solution for children and parents to get a good night sleep. 
    After listening to Customers feedback Sunbuster Blinds now double fold exposing more of the window and you can read instructions online.

    Quality is great I pulled at the blind whilst it was still in my hands and it's a very sturdy material. This product does offer good value for money.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Sunbuster Blackout Blinds ”


    1 - In The Nursery

    Swinging Owls Autumn Branch Nursery wall Stickers - simply "peel & stick" to transform your little ones nursery room within hours!Approximate Dimensions including leaves, birds and butterflies 55” tall x 50” wide (1.39 x 1.27 mtrs) 
    Tree Branch Size 55” tall x 50” wide (coming from either the left or right wall)

    Colour choice available if relevant: Autumn, Blue, Pink, Blue/Orange, Blue/Pink colour schemes

    They are easy to go up without bubbling or creasing too.They look lovely;  it is a great idea for decorating a nursery without having to decorate the whole room.

    Read details and customer reviews for “SWINGING OWLS AUTUMN BRANCH NURSERY WALL STICKERS”

    Taggies Soft Blanket

    1 - In The Nursery

    This portable, fleece snuggle partner is even perfect for newborns. Each Little Taggies™ has 20 exciting visual and tactile tags around its border offering your little one hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. Each beautiful pastel design features a complimentary solid colour fleece on the reverse side. Measures 30cm x 30 cm - All ages newborn & up

     I think the blanket offers good value for money and my daughter and I absolutely love it!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Taggies Soft Blanket”

    Teeny Beanies Personalised Character Bean Bags

    1 - In The Nursery

    Choose your favourite personalised animal bean bag - they all require loving new homes!A great quality handmade personalised UK gift for children.The inner bag of beans is removable so the outer cover can be machine washed at 40 degrees. The zips are inverted for extra safety and to keep little fingers out!Not suitable for children under three years of age (contains small polystyrene beads which are a choking hazard and a zip fastening).Extra safety has gone into the design, ensuring that the bean bag filling is secured in a separate inner bag and the zips are inverted so as not to catch little eyes.Please note, medium and large bean bags are too large to send overseas by Royal Mail on a standard service. If you are unsure if this applies to you please send us a message.Lots of characters are available to choose from. Choose to have them plain or personalised with a child's name. Please note the personalisation charge is for one name only, if you require two names or a name and date there is an additional £5 charge.Choose from the following characters: Ulanda Unicorn, Woolly Sheep, Bernie Bunny, Melvin Monkey, Horace Horse, Bumble Bee, Henry Hippo, Digby Dog, Peggy Pig, Florence Fairy, Dotty Ladybird, Dizzy Dinosaur, Claude Cat and Edmund Elephant.Available in three sizes; small, medium and large.Small plain character bean bags are dispatched within two days.Medium and large size bean bags are made-to-order and dispatched in 7 daysPlease note that personalised items cannot be refunded once made. Please make sure that the name required is spelt correctly before ordering.Please allow 7-14 days for delivery of your order. If you need your order faster, please choose the express delivery option and we will get it to you sooner. Please tell us when you order if you need it for a specific date so that we make sure it reaches you in time.made from:Outer cover is machine washable at 40 degrees C.Outer cover: 100% woven cotton with a suedette finish.Inner bag: 100% cotton stockinette filled with polystyrene beads.Dimensions:Small: H25cm, D35cm (recommended for children 3-5 years of age)Medium: H35cm, D45cm (recommended for children 5-7 yrs of age)Large: H40cm, D60cm (recommended for children, teenagers and adults over 7 yrs of age)

    Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winners 2017 

    I am going to buy a further beanbag for my younger son. I cannot fault and have already recommended. Top marks for a fantastic beanbag. My 7 and 5 year old girls adore this beanbag; they love to relax on it with their tablets, to watch TV, read a book. Fantastic personalised, durable item.

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    Tenstickers - Quality Decals & Stickers

    1 - In The Nursery

    Wall Stickers and Decals Personalised stickers and a directory of 3383 designs to decorate was created from the entrepreneurial spirit of professionals from the DIY decoration and e-commerce industry. Our goal is to boost the DIY and decoration sector and also eliminate the middle man, therefore giving our customers lower prices and the opportunity to be in direct contact with the producer.Our group of talented designers are constantly creating new and trendy designs which will give an exceptional touch and feel to your home, car and favourite objects. We provide the service for our customers to be able to receive personalised stickers that suit them.

    The product came well packaged and easy to remove from packaging, which is important as you don’t want to do any damage when removing it. The instructions were easy to follow and the sticker was very easy to put on the wall. I managed to do it all on my own. I did have a slight mishap when putting it on the wall but due to the quality of the sticker it was easy to remove and smooth out. There was also no damage done to the sticker after this. I will most definitely become a regular customer of this company.

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    The Cord Lock Away

    1 - In The Nursery

    Blind safety is a must and a cord lock away raises the height of a cord so that it's out of children's reach, without hindering the blind operationally. Whereas a cleat requires a cord to be painstakingly wound, a cord lock away is a step forward for convenience.
    Prices Start From £4.50 - £9.00 and available in 3 sizes  
    Available to purchase online John Lewis - 

    This is a great affordable product with safety in mind. It is especially useful for long patio window blinds.     

    Read details and customer reviews for “The Cord Lock Away ”

    The MULTY

    1 - In The Nursery

    Essential Storage 
    Save Space...and keep your treasured memories 
    It is not usually too long before baby has more belongings and day-today essentials than their parents, and as your child grows up, storgae space can become and increasingly difficult problem.  
    That’s why we’ve designed the crib section to convert easily into an attractive storage space, ideal for a nursery or bedroom, providing vital space through one shelf and two baskets. This useful storage unit can be freestanding or wall mounted.We know that The Multy will hold many memories for parents through its years of use as a crib, highchair and child’s chair, and by converting it into lasting storage, it means those memories will never be lost, whilst The Multy will continue to add value to your life.

    Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2016 In the Nursery Category 

    I would definitely recommend this product to my family. I have not seen anything so innovative in a long time. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “The MULTY ”

    The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper

    1 - In The Nursery

    The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper provides the following:100cm Firm Foam Wedge*Safe Solution For ALL bedsEasy To Fit – No AssemblyFits Under Most Standard SheetsDiscreet, Cosy & SecureLightweight Bed Guard Ideal For TravelSafe To Sit On At Story Time.
    Product Details
    100cm (L) x 12.5cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)Protects 71% of the open side of a cotbed & 53% of a standard single bedMade of 100% new polyurethane foamFully safety tested and certified to meet all necessary UK Safety StandardsSupplied in re-usable high quality grey flexible plastic tubing. Perfect for product storage/transportationNon-slip texture keeps it in place all night longPale yellow colour which sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-throughNo ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ nowStop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor*All non UK orders will be shipped in 50cm pieces

    Overall, I think it is very basic but does the job and not too bulky either.

    Read details and customer reviews for “The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper”

    The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper

    1 - In The Nursery

    The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper provides the following:100cm Firm Foam Wedge*Safe Solution For ALL bedsEasy To Fit – No AssemblyFits Under Most Standard SheetsDiscreet, Cosy & SecureLightweight Bed Guard Ideal For TravelSafe To Sit On At Story Time.
    Product Details
    100cm (L) x 12.5cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)Protects 71% of the open side of a cotbed & 53% of a standard single bedMade of 100% new polyurethane foamFully safety tested and certified to meet all necessary UK Safety StandardsSupplied in re-usable high quality grey flexible plastic tubing. Perfect for product storage/transportationNon-slip texture keeps it in place all night longPale yellow colour which sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-throughNo ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ nowStop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor*All non UK orders will be shipped in 50cm pieces

    Overall, I think it is very basic but does the job and not too bulky either.

    Read details and customer reviews for “The ORIGINAL Bed Bumper”

    Think Pink Nursery Money Box

    1 - In The Nursery

    We absolutely LOVE this range! This money box makes the perfect nursery accessory.

    Overall, Perfect for my nursery and excellent value for money.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Think Pink Nursery Money Box ”

    Tinkie Toys Book End Set

    1 - In The Nursery

    A quality and luxury handcrafted set of themed childrens wooden bookends. An appealing and practical bedroom decoration to keep the kids bookshelf tidy. Sturdy wooden construction with rubber pads to keep childrens books or DVDs in place. Beautifully finished, these adorable bookends will look great in any childs bedroom, nursery or play room! Larger than other kids bookends on the market, together measure approximately 28 x 14 x 14cm. Matching childrens coat hooks also available.

    Lovely product looks very attractive in my daughter's bedroom. Does the job it is supposed to and keeps all her favourite books in the same place

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tinkie Toys Book End Set ”

    Tinkie Toys Coat Hooks

    1 - In The Nursery

    A set of 3 gorgeous wooden themed childrens coat hooks. An appealing and practical bedroom decoration to keep the kids bedroom tidy! Hang kids coats, clothes, bags or other bits and bobs!Easily mount to the wall, door or furniture via the hook eye on the reverse.Solid wooden construction, handcrafted and painted in bright colours with coated metal hooks.Largest hook  measures approximately 13 x 9cm. Available in a range of designs.

    Matching wooden bookends also available.

    Easy to open and easy to put up. The girls thought they were very pretty and loved having them on their wall. We love the traditional wooden design. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tinkie Toys Coat Hooks ”

    Tinkie Toys Name Plaque

    1 - In The Nursery

    A gorgeous selection of name plaques available in a wide range of designs.  Ideal for child's room. Personalise with up to 9 wooden letters. Children will be proud in announcing a space of their own! Easily stick the name plaque to your child’s door, furniture or walls via large sticky pads on the reverse – no nail or screw affixing required! Fair trade item by Lanka Kade. Measures approximately 53 x 20cm. Suitable for all ages! 

    Each letter has been painted with accurate detail. Overall very pleased and have recommended to friends and family                 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tinkie Toys Name Plaque”

    Tinkie Toys Set of three coat hooks

    1 - In The Nursery

    Our best quality, colourful Set of 3 Coat Hooks; is perfect for hanging kids coats and other bits and bobs. Hand-painted in bright colours, these decorative hooks will look great in any nursery or child's room!Ideal for wall or door mount Ideal for kids bedroom Solid wood construction with coated metal hooks      

    The quality of the product seems nice and robust; it’s bright and cheerful.                 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tinkie Toys Set of three coat hooks”

    Tiny Love Day & Night Soother

    1 - In The Nursery

    Day & Night Soother designed to relax and soothe baby at any time of the day with its clever dual mode scenes. Suitable for use from birth the Day & night Soother has 20 minutes of classical music with 3 volume levels. Three settings allow you to select music only, music and lights or music, lights and motion.

    George’s face lights up when I turn it on. I have found it particularly useful at his age of 7 months because although he was sleeping on his own at night his teeth were causing him to waken and this product has done exactly what is says helped to sooth him, calm him down and put him to sleep!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tiny Love Day & Night Soother ”

    Tippitoes Doorway Bouncer

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Tippitoes Doorway Bouncer provides just as much fun for you watching your little one having fun, as it does for children to use. It’s easy to assemble and designed to fit securely onto an interior door frame using the spring loaded clamp. Featuring a geometrically designed strapping and easy to fit harness. The supportive saddle fits around baby like a nappy and fastens with buckles. Once baby is fastened securely in the saddle attach it to the strap fitted to the door frame and adjust accordingly for baby’s height. Unique to Tippitoes; the rubber extender that bounces baby is durable and ensures a smooth fluid bounce. When play time is over it simply folds small and compact for storage. It’s a must have for every home. Tippitoes was the company that launched the original Doorway Bouncer to market, so nobody can do it better. Babies love to bounce; it gives them a sense of freedom from a young age and encourages their development to stand upright whilst being fully supported and as they start to take their first steps. Please note: second image is for illustration purposes only, when ordering this item you will receive the red colour.

    I would recommend this bouncer as it is easy to assemble and fun to use!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tippitoes Doorway Bouncer ”

    Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow

    1 - In The Nursery

    Tippitoes 'Nimbus' Nursing Pillow is a European design which has been a favourite in Northern Europe for over ten years. Now introduced to the U.K. it will provide support during pregnancy and when feeding. Available in a variety of designs with interchangeable spare covers available.

    A brilliant lightweight nursing pillow.  Very easy to use and comfortable for mum and baby leaving both hands free to read a book or magazine. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tippitoes Nimbus Nursing Pillow”

    Tippitoes Star Wrap

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Star Wrap is swaddling at its best, both for Baby and Parents. Wrapped loosely in the Star Wrap, Baby can move easily but still feel secure and comfortable, the unique shape provides a modern twist on the everyday blanket by ensuring that Baby's legs stay in the Wrap and cannot kick themselves free.

    The Star Wrap has been designed specifically without a hood in order to prevent over heating and a cotton lined inside keeps Baby cool. When it is time to move Baby, the Star Wrap aids convenience allowing Parents to put Baby in a car seat or stroller, fitting the harness around the Star Wrap without the need to wake or unsettle a sleeping child.

    Overall very good value for money and a great idea.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tippitoes Star Wrap ”

    Tippitoes Vibrating Musical Rocking Cradle

    1 - In The Nursery

    With attractive fabrics on a wire frame design, the rocking cradle includes a detachable toy bar with three soft interactive toys with rattles and squeaks. The cradle is easy to assemble and the covers are removable for washing. Located at the front is a musical and vibrating unit, playing a variety of tunes and with a soothing vibration feature. The item is suitable from birth up to 9 kilos (approximately).

    RR1 - Brown/Cream

    Very entertaining bouncy chair with lots to do for baby.

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    Tommee Tippee Nursery Essentials Nappy Disposal System

    1 - In The Nursery

    The Tommee Tippee Nursery Essentials Disposal System has been designed to make your life easier at change time! It uses a unique twist and seal system that individually wraps nappies in a fragranced film, proven to be at least 25 times more effective than nappy sacks at odour protection.* The nappies are kept sealed away in the tubsaving endless trips to the outside bin and keeping your home smelling fresh. Easy to assemble and use -Nappy is wrapped in seconds - Fragranced cassette lasts up to one month** Tub holds up to 28 nappies at a time - Individually wraps and seals each nappy to lock away odour - Proven to be 25 times more effective at odour control than nappy sacks* Uses 20% less plastic than nappy sacks*

    Convenient, hassle free and time saving product I would recommend to all new mothers!

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    Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus nappy disposal system

    1 - In The Nursery

    Sangenic Hygiene Plus is the new advanced hygiene nappy disposal system.  It twists and seals away each nappy in anti-bacterial film to lock in smells, germs and mess.  It is the simple way of dealing with nappy disposal, and means a lot fewer trips to the outside bin. Unique lid plunger for hygienic nappy disposal. Twist–lock technology individually seals each nappy in anti-bacterial film to lock away germs and odour. Scientifically proven to be 100 times more effective at odour protection than nappy sacks. Tub holds up to 28 nappies at a time. Up to 4 months supply of cassettes - first cassette is assembled & ready to use + 3 refill cassettes.  Refill cassettes lasts about a month.

    This is one of the most useful baby items we have. 

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus nappy disposal system”

    TP Toys Bubble Bouncer

    1 - In The Nursery

    This baby bouncer is perfect for helping to develop strength, balance and co-ordination skills whilst having lots of fun. In TP's new funky lime green colour, it easily wipes clean and it has soft foam pads on the base to protect hard floors. The easy foldaway handle is perfect for tidy storage under a bed or cot and it is lightweight, so t's ideal for taking to granny's for the weekend!A new concept in trampolining- a straight out of the box, easily put away and highly portable trampoline for children as young as 12 months. As children learn to walk this early bouncer encourages important gross motor and balancing skills. Close to the ground and really easy for very young children to access, the robust handle provides support and confidence to exploring one year olds, who will enjoy bending their knees to achieve a bounce sensation, whilst maintaining their balance. Soon they will be jumping high on their bubble bouncer, developing their gross motor and balancing skills further. Because bouncing requires effort and energy, it helps make children fitter too. Use straight out of the box as no assembly is required.

     Its fun looks good & kids will love it. Great fun looks good, easy to assemble & folds away for easy storing.

    Read details and customer reviews for “TP Toys Bubble Bouncer ”

    Tummy with Mummy All-In-One Foldaway Tummy Time Activity Centre

    1 - In The Nursery

    Tummy With Mummy® - Tummy with Mummy the world's only foldaway baby seat, toddler seat with a tummy time platforms. Tummy with Mummy helps babies build their upper body strength, develop their sensory and motor skills. Feel safe, secure and happy, bond with parents and avoid flattening of the head.  

    Tummy With Mummy®- Giving Babies the best start in life 

    It is easy to keep in the room assembled, I live in a small cottage but I am happy to keep it tucked up in the corner so I can use it. It is also good as I can keep some of his toys in it and we can get it all out when we need to. I am looking forward to being able to sit him in it and I am sure he will enjoy being in and having a few toys around him too. The colour is vibrant and fun, as they should be for babies. I am very pleased with the product and I have enjoyed using it up to this point.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Tummy with Mummy All-In-One Foldaway Tummy Time Activity Centre ”

    Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag

    1 - In The Nursery

    A selection of Vertbaudet all season sleeveless sleeping bags. Front and back strap holes. No padding for use during the summer. Pure cotton percale with an all-over print and pure cotton jerseylining. TOG=0.86.
    Click online to see the range on offer and prices start from £31.00

     Avery comfortable, good quality sleeping bag that looks cute too!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Vertbaudet Sleeping Bag ”

    Wall Word Designs

    1 - In The Nursery

    Wall Word Designs can bring a room to life quickly and easily. They have a wide variety of unique and original designs available for the nursery or kitchen that will be a sure talking point for any of your guests.

    adds a real difference to a room at great value. I am really pleased with the art.

    Read details and customer reviews for “Wall Word Designs”

    Wallpaper Mural 3D Effect - Dinosaurs

    1 - In The Nursery

    Do you want to create a bedroom for your children that is fun, impressive and which will enhance their bedroom, nursery, playroom or games room? Now you can.

    Our easy to put up childrens wallpaper wall mural decoration from Walltastic™ which are imaginative and great to look at as an attractive wall feature.

    Each theme is of the highest quality and make a stunning, eye catching feature to any room with 12 easy steps (thats the wallpaper is sectioned to make it even easier to put up!).

    The Wallart Jungle theme makes a dramatic difference to a childs room without a dramatic price tag!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Wallpaper Mural 3D Effect - Dinosaurs”

    Winnie The Pooh Nighlight/Soft Toy

    1 - In The Nursery

    Cuddly and soothing Winnie night light which doubles as a comforting soft toy. Winnie is positively looking forward to bedtime - and so will you!

    Voltage:  battery-operated, requires 2 x AA (not included) - Bulb(s):  integrated, not replaceable -Size (H):  28 cms (11") -Product code:  50350

    Wide variety nightlights available and prices start from £20.00

    I love this night light and have recommended it to many people. My nieces have also now got various fairy lights from the Miniline site and even dinosaur lights!!

    Read details and customer reviews for “Winnie The Pooh Nighlight/Soft Toy ”

    Wipes Warmer pop

    1 - In The Nursery

    Prince Lionheart - The Wipes Warmer pop takes the chill out of diaper changing! Featuring the patented Ever-Fresh System, the Wipes Warmer keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration. The Patented Ever-Fresh® System helps keep your wipes the freshest they can be to soothe your Baby’s delicate skin. This Patented System works 4 ways:
    Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2009

    If your baby is sensitive to cold wipes straight from the packet then this is a great product to use.              

    Read details and customer reviews for “Wipes Warmer pop”

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