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1 - Childrens TV channels is the brainchild of Keith Littler and Victoria Brook. The two met in the early Summer of 2015 and discovered a shared passion for Children’s Television. It wasn’t long before the idea of creating a 100% British content, free to view online channel started to take shape and was born. Keith brings 30 years in the Children’s TV Industry to the channel having Produced and written BAFTA nominated Series for BBC, Nickelodeon and ITV as well as working on over 300 Series from all over the world including Magic Roundabout, Lazytown, Watership Down and Casper The Friendly Ghost. Keith has also written 11 Children’s books. Victoria, winner of the 2015 Mumpreneur Award from Achieve Magazine, and in 2012 Women in Business runner up had already had online success with Herbie The Hound as well as publishing books and brings many years of commercial experience to the Marketing and PR of Our aim is to create the biggest independent online Children’s Channel in the UK and to guarantee original, British content and to become a trusted choice of parents and little ones. Our 2 hour Switch-Off and no advertising policy are foundations of our Children’s channel and will go some way to demonstrating that Online viewing can be safe, entertaining and free from commercials. 2 hour Switch-Off has become a one-stop shop for kids and parents offering a safe, free and genuine channel with content that celebrates and reflects all that is good in British culture, suitable for the entire family. All this comes with a big added bonus – a maximum 2 hour viewing time. Our 2 hour viewing mantra and switch off enables us to help educate children through our anchor man Herbie who we believe will be seen as a non threatening alternative and saves Mum and Dad the job.

I think with some tweaks and some improvement on the overall look it will do well. 

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